the trouble with pizza….


Saturday morning while contemplating whether to get up and go down to the hotel restaurant for breakfast or not, my cell phone rang. Looking at the caller I became slightly nervous when I read my Dad’s name scroll across my screen. “Hello?” I asked. “Hi Mom!” the boy replied. “Hey bay, how ya doing?” I asked. “Well, huh, I kind of locked myself out of the house…” He replied. I began to laugh. “How in the world did you do that? I asked through my sobs of laughter. “Well I got a little hungry and decided a nice Little Caesar’s pizza sounded nice but realized as I walked out and closed the door behind me, I had forgotten the key.” I laughed harder. “Well at least you got the pizza right? I replied. “Uh no, I haven’t walked there yet…” He answered.  “You do understand that I’m in California…?” I asked him. “Yes. But I’m not quite sure what to do?” He replied. “Call your dad…” I began before he interrupted, “Yes I know, but he’s still at work and will get mad at me.” “Sounds to me like you’re going to be sitting for a while visiting my dad” I replied.  “Oh but I left the television set on.” The boy explained, which made me shake my head for a moment. “Wait, what? You left the television on for what purpose?” I asked. “Well I wasn’t going to be gone long….” He tried. “Are you going to use that same excuse to explain why you always leave your bedroom light on?” I asked but didn’t expect a response. “Dude!! When you leave a house for any reason, turn off lights and televisions. I mean dude…” I said. “Are you done yelling at me?” He asked in a meek and sorrowful voice. “Yes. Enjoy visiting with my father and please be respectful” I said before hanging up.

His father called me later that afternoon and said, “Well he was at your Dad’s until I got home around 3 pm and there was an empty pizza box from Little Caesar’s on your dad’s kitchen table”. “Do you think he shared that pizza with anyone?” I asked. “Knowing the bay…I doubt it. Oh and not only was the television left on, but every light in the downstairs was on as well.” Shaking my head my only true response was “Par for the course” with that one.




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