On Monday I received a call from the doll’s school nurse, “Marsha, I have the doll here in the office and she says she doesn’t feel well.” “Okay I replied. “I can’t tell if she has a fever, because our thermometer is broken but I can tell you she’s as white as a ghost and really doesn’t look well at all”. “Does she have any other symptoms?” I wondered aloud. “Yes she said she has a driving headache and is nauseous. Honestly Marsha, there is something going around here…we have several children out with the same symptoms…” the nurse added. “Well alrighty then, we’ll come and get her…” I said before hanging up and calling the hub.

When I arrived home from work, several hours later the doll informed “Mom, I came home and went back to bed and slept until 2:00 pm.” “Wow! How do you feel now?” I asked. She lifted her hand and made the “so-so” sign. “Do you still feel nauseous?” I asked. Shaking her head back and forth she replied, “Not so much but my head is killing me.” Lifting my hand to her forehead, she was indeed warm and her eyes were droopy. Well we’ll play it by ear whether you go back to school or not tomorrow” I added.

At dinner, the doll’s appetite wasn’t horrible and she was able to eat some food. The boy asked “Mom, is a migraine like a really bad headache or different?” “From what I know, migraine’s are searing debilitating pains that at times can cause nausea and upset stomachs” I said. “Ok then the dull ache I have isn’t that a routine cephalalgia from having my braces adjusted” He replied. “A routine Selfawhatty?” I asked. “Oh nothing, just the another name for headache” He replied as he sat down with us. “Why would you call it that?” his sister asked, clearly annoyed. “Doll, cephalalgia is the scientific name for headache…” He began. “Why would we care? We’re common people here boy that’s not how we talk” she replied. Trying not to laugh I glanced at her father and shrugged. “Doll, I have to know the term for my anatomy and physiology class at school and NOW I have a real one from this conversation.” the boy answered.

I looked at both kids and said, “See doll your brother is good for something…new vocabulary words”. She rolled her eyes and went back to eating, clearly unimpressed.




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