the truth sets you free…..


Every morning we rush. The doll has determined her traditional alarm clock does not wake her up and has abandoned the darn thing in favor of her IPod alarm. Trouble is…she places the Ipod next to her bed each night so she can listen to music before bed. Hence, when the alarm goes off, all she has to do is pick the thing up and hit snooze–which she does repeatedly. “Doll you need to place the alarm across the room so it forces you to get out of bed!” I proposed after walking into her bedroom five minutes before the first bell at school was set to ring (living two minutes from school advantages) “Mom! How am I supposed to fall asleep listening to music if I can’t hear it?” She replied. “How about you don’t listen to music and just go to sleep…?” I offered. Glaring at me she replied, “You just like taking all the fun out of life don’t you!”


We had a lot of rain on Wednesday. Last night our local news stated our area was hit with about 3.39 inches of rain for the day-however, dependent upon where you live those totals could be more. Twenty minutes north of us reported receiving 5 inches of rain-so it’s anyone’s guess how much rain we really received. A little over 100 years ago, my neighborhood was little more than a swamp. In order to support the city’s growing population, the swamp was drained and new home construction began. However, the area water table has never been very deep. As a result, our neighborhood has a propensity to flood. Yesterday when I left Mary Alice’s house (she lives a block away), had I walked home, I could have made it home without wading through water. However, driving is a different matter. Thankfully, because I’ve lived in this neighborhood 48 years, I know which route to take-one that has me drive through only one flood-at the cross-section of two streets, four houses away from home.

The doll came home sick from school on Monday and maintained a fever through Tuesday afternoon. Tuesday evening after demonstrating how well she felt, we determined Wednesday she would return to classes. Skip forward to around 5:30 pm Wednesday afternoon when the doll and her dad, under a pair of umbrellas walked down to the school gym for Volleyball practice-only to find the event canceled due to all the street flooding that had occurred. “Mom, you should have seen us. Me, Andi, Evie, Geni, Laurie and Nanci helped push a car that was stuck out of the flood” she explained. As she recalled the hard work of pushing the car her eyes lit up with excitement. “Were you wearing your shoes?” I asked.  “No, I didn’t want them to get ruined” she said. “How deep was the water?” I wondered. “It was pretty deep, it went past my knees.” she replied. “Did anyone fall into the water after pushing the car?” Giving me an odd look she said, “Seriously mom? We’re not that dumb”. Then she went on to explain that once the car was free from the water, she returned home and immediately took a hot shower. “You know, I’m not so keen on you standing in flood water, in the rain, barefoot; just a day after you were home with some mystery illness Doll”. Looking at me, (using the same look I used to give my mother when she said something “dumb”) the doll replied, “You know, you just like to take all the fun away from me don’t you?  I won’t get sick mom. Jeeze”.

That’s when I knew. Without a thread of doubt…. That’s when I knew I was really and truly a Mom–to a teenaged doll. I was being perceived as someone who takes the “fun” out of things for her.

Yes. I was a MOM…

And a damn proud one at that too.


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