For those keeping track…or wondering, the boy and his friend ‘A’ do not have any classes or share the same lunch period together this year. “Do you at least see her in the halls?” I wondered. “Yeah…on occasion.” He replied. “That’s too bad” I remarked. “Eh” he replied. On labor day, while I waited on the arrival of an airport shuttle at our hotel, I received a telephone call from A’s mom. “Hi Marsha, how are you?” She asked in a chipper voice. “Well I’m great…I’m in Los Angeles…” I replied. “Los Angeles? Why are you there?” “Actually I’m getting ready to come home after attneding a soap opera convention…” I said with a laugh. “Oh, how fun!! Listen, I won’t keep you, but we were wondering if the boy would be interested in accompanying my husband and A to the Fullhoose County Fair this afternoon?” She asked. A smile crossed my face as I realized this would be another non date for the boy (3 but who’s counting). “Well I’ll tell you what, let me give you my husband’s cell phone number..” I replied knowing full well the boy was probably taking advantage of no school and sleeping in. Once the call was completed and the shuttle arrived, we were off and moving for our long day’s ride home.

Shortly before boarding our flight home, I received a text from my hubby which read, “The boy has left for the fair…keep your finger’s crossed.” I enthusiastically replied, “Yeah!!” To which my hubby calmly replied, “I knew you’d be pleased”.

Yes the boy took a shower, left my house, got some fresh air, walked around with a cute girl (with her dad in tow) and had a nice afternoon reconnecting with a friend. What’s not to please?


As the doll and I made our way to her Volleyball games on Saturday, I took a different route than usual, driving past a costumed holiday shop. Standing at the curb of the street, were three costumed characters waving to the drivers and holding up signs, presumably to remind us “potential” customers, Halloween and costume parties are fast approaching. The doll was busy talking to me about a bon fire she had attended the night before, when the three costumed characters came into view; causing her to stop talking and take a good long look at what she was seeing. As we sped past the characters the doll’s first reaction was, “What the…? before looking over at me and saying, “I’m not sure which is more disturbing….seeing Cinderella at the curb waving at me or seeing Cinderella with a beard waving at me…”

“Well to each his own doll” I replied while she sat there shaking her head bewildered.


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