ain’t it fun….


“Doll, who’s your favorite band right now?” I asked a few months back. Shrugging her shoulders she replied, “Um, I like a couple different bands…” “Ooookay cool…” I drew out, hoping she would elaborate with a name. “I love Paramore” she finally said. “Really? I have some Paramore in my music file…I can add them to yours if you like…” I offered. She shrugged her shoulders and said, “I already downloaded the songs I like…” Oh…okay…well if you change your mind….” I replied and swore I heard her say “As if” under her breath as she exited the room.

Oh brother.


I was in the kitchen cleaning up from dinner, listening to music when the doll walked in looking for an after dinner snack. As the music wafted around the kitchen, she struck up a familiar pose; standing in front of an open refrigerator door, while her eyes perused her choices. Pulling out a container filled with cut strawberries she turned to me and asked, “Is this Beyoncé?” I nodded yes. “What’s the name of this song again?” She asked. “Irreplaceable…” I replied and was surprised when she added, “This is one of the best songs ever…” Smiling I nodded in agreement; not totally sure if she were being sarcastic or not. Just then her dad entered the room and announced “Oh Jeez must we be subjected to this feminist music?” I laughed as I snapped my dish towel at his frame.  Grabbing her strawberry with whipped cream filled bowl, the doll rolled her eyes and said,  “Oh really? Feminist? Whatever Dad.”  then lifted her right hand to give me a high-five on her way out of the kitchen.

Her dad faking hurt feelings turned to me and said, you realize she just got out of putting the strawberries away right?” Grabbing the strawberry container off the counter to put away, I turned to her father and said, “Little consequence for discovering that being a girl does not mean you can’t be a strong force to be reckoned with…” “Oh Jeeze…” He replied. “Okay tell me what’s your excuse for not putting stuff away-or namely putting your morning cereal bowl in the dishwasher every morning?” I asked. Opening his mouth to respond, he thought better of the argument, closed his mouth and exited the room. “I didn’t think so…” I uttered under my breath and went back to cleaning.


The doll and I on occasion stumble upon the same likes in music. This doesn’t happen very often and I’m sure she believes the only reason I like a certain song is because I’m attempting to “fit” in more with her. While that sounds like a good premise, my response  is “Hardly!” The other night while listing to Pandora a Good Charlotte song from 2006 came on. Looking at her I asked, “Is that Good Charlotte?” Glancing down at her IPod, she nodded. “Hey, I have that CD around here somewhere…” I said happily surprised she was listening to them. Shrugging her shoulders she replied, “Don’t rush off to find the CD mom…they came up in the rotation and I didn’t feel like changing the song”.

God forbid…

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