there but for the Grace of God go I…


I was writing a completely different blog today…one you may read in the future, but who knows. I stopped because I can’t stop thinking about the fragility of life on this little planet. As I arrived to work this afternoon, NPR reported on the military airstrikes the US and their partners were raining down upon Syria and Iraq in an effort to eradicate ISIS or ISIL-whatever their name; from their murderous ways. But I wonder if those within the airstrike zone-those who’ve surrendered to these barbarians in an effort to save their families, really understand what is happening.

Why must there be so much death?

Thankfully for me, this is happening on the other side of the planet-far away from me and my family. We can simply turn off the news at night and  look…it’s premeire week on television!! Everything else becomes out of sight and out of mind. Sad commentary for the world we live in right? We often pray in our family for those we can’t see or help. For those who are struggling in this life. I remember when my mom was first diagnosed, I prayed through heavy tears at Mass, for God’s will to be done-so long as the pain was minimal. I look back sometimes and wonder whose pain I was praying for, my mothers or my own?


Yesterday my Aunt Mickey passed away, the last living child of Bill and Gladys Corrigan.  While we’re sad she is no longer here on earth, we are happy that she is finally pain-free and at peace. Yesterday I ran into her son Dick and offered condolences saying “Right now my mom is watching her little sister run…” Mickey suffered from MS most of her adult life and had limited use of her arms and legs. He smiled and said, “Yes it’s a blessing…but it’s still hard.” I knew exactly how he felt and could only offer him a hug, hoping that conveyed what he needed to receive.


Over the weekend, I learned of a terrible accident one of my former classmate’s daughter (15) had been in and began praying for her recovery. Today I learned she succumbed to her injuries and passed away. Upon reading the news I found myself overcome with sadness and felt for his family’s devastation.

Life is so fragile…yet we forget and become complacent. We see death daily on the internet, in the newspapers or in blurbs scrolling across our television screens. We’ve been exposed to death so much we’ve even become immune. We move forward, muddling through; all the while hoping against hope, death knocks on someone elses door, but our own. Thus explains why I couldn’t write that different blog today. Why when I see my kids and hubby after work they will get upset with me for lingering in those hugs a little longer than usual and why I’ll be praying fervently for the Yost family; as they learn to somehow go on and live without their daughter Laura.

“There, but for the grace of God, go I….”


PS. If everyone who reads this could say a prayer or send positive energy to the Yost family, what a blessing that would be. They surely need them.






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