memory shmemory….


My dad likes people (namely his children) to reassure him that he does not have Alzheimer’s. “Dad, you would be exhibiting signs of dementia if you had the disease” I’ve encouraged; as does everyone else in the family. While there have been gaps in his memory as of late (at 93 why wouldn’t there be?), when compared to someone who actually has the disease, the differences are staggering. “Dad you still can form a cognitive thought and carry on a conversations with someone without getting lost…unlike say, Mary Alice who get’s lost in the middle of a sentence.” His memory loss seems to stem around one of his more favorite subjects; food.  “Marsha, I’ve never eaten this before…” He says on occasion. While I know this is a false statement, I don’t remind him. I don’t want to give in to his worry or stress him out further. Instead my reply is usually, “Well, what do you think? Is this good enough to make for you again?” Most of the times he replies favorably.

The other day I took a memory test offered from a friend via Facebook. We were asked to take a look at ten or so pictures and then answer questions in relation to them. Remarkably I answered all the questions correct and for my effort was told I have an eidetic memory. Sounds impressive right? According to, “Eidetic is an adjective; of, pertaining to, or constituting visual imagery vividly experienced and readily reproducible with great accuracy and in great detail.” In other words, according to the quiz,  I possessed a photographic memory. Which is absurd primarily because  while I may have figured out  how to beat this quiz, had they  asked me to memorize the order in which the pictures were shown or put someone’s name anywhere in that picture to remember, the results would have been very different.

So I found an additional test to take. Unlike the facebook quiz, this one actually tested my ability to pay attention, take two different imagaes and superimpose them onto one another; thus creating a clear “photograph” in my mind. As the result, I failed miserably, scoring a whopping 30%.  The test creators, not wanting me to be offended offered some reassurance for my failings noting, “Don’t worry, having this ability is very rare”. In all honesty, I was surprised I did as well as they said.

So,  in the grand scheme of things what does all of this mean?

I have a perfectly normal failing memory for someone my age….or at least that’s the story I’m sticking to… however,  I would like to know/remember what possessed me to walk into the boy’s bedroom this morning?

My olfactory nerve still hasn’t forgiven me.



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