this, that and the other thing….


Like Mother, like Daughter or is the doll trying to emulate her mother….?

The doll has not been sleeping well as of late. “Mom I go to bed and the moment my head hits the pillow, bam! I’m wide awake”. She complained the other night. “Well why not go to bed an hour earlier, that way when you eventually do fall asleep, it won’t be as late.” I suggested. “This won’t work I’ll just be laying in bed longer…” She argued. “How do you know? Perhaps I’ll be right for a change…have you ever thought of this?” I replied.  “Mom, be serious!” she said in return and then walked out of the room.  Thursday night I decided to help her out. “Doll take this…” I said holding out a Benadryl to her. “What’s this? She asked skeptically. “This is Benadryl, an antihistamine that makes you sleepy. “Ookay” She said slowly giving me an odd look. “Look doll, I’m not giving you something that is habit-forming here…just something to help you fall asleep. With luck you’ll get a good night’s rest and feel better in the morning. But if you don’t want to take it…that’s fine too.” I replied. Looking down at the pill and then back at me she popped the pill into her mouth before taking a sip from her water bottle and swallowing the pill down. Leaning over to kiss the top of her head, we exchanged our usual pleasantries at bedtime, then I left the room.

The next morning the doll greeted me with “Mom, what did you give me last night?” as she emerged from her bedroom. “How long did it take you to fall asleep?” I asked. “About a half and hour…but Mom, OMG that stuff knocked me right out. I slept through all my alarms this morning and I still feel exhausted.”  Sizing her up and down I replied, “I don’t think you can blame the exhaustion on the one little pill I gave you. I think you are exhausted because you find other things to occupy your mind when bedtime comes along”. “But at least I’m able to hear when the alarms go off …” She argued. “Who you foolin’?” I laughed. “Your alarm goes off for over an hour every morning until your father or I yell at you to get up”  “N’uh, I hear the alarm, I just hit snooze button…” She explained. “Doll, be that as it may, I think you are exhausted period. You need to go to bed at an earlier hour…” I said but she brushed right past me as if she hadn’t heard.

Truth of the matter is, at her age I wouldn’t have heard my mother either.


While shopping at Wally’s last Saturday, the doll looked at me and quietly asked, “Is there any way I can get a new comforter for my bed while we’re here?” We happened to be standing in the bedding section looking to buy her new sheets. As a girl of 12 going on 32,  I totally understood her desire to lose the Barbie Princess comforter which currently adorns her bed. Before I could respond however,  she looked at me and said “Do you know how hard that was to ask you? I mean because you’ve been very generous with me lately”. Smiling back at her I replied, “Well apparently not that hard at all…I mean you still asked…” Slapping me harmlessly on the arm she replied, “You know what I mean”. “Yes I do…and if we were to get you one today, you would have to consider this one of your Christmas presents…” I informed. “Nodding her head in agreement she decided a minute later she didn’t really care for the styles of comforters they had to offer.


The boy took one look at the doll’s new sheets and asked, “Can I get new sheets?” “No….but you can have new shirts…” I said as I threw him two packages filled with plain gray and black t-shirts to wear for gym class; along with a few nicer shirts for good measure. “Do me a favor and go see if they fit please…” I asked and he groaned as he walked away. A few minutes later he came out and said, “Yes they all fit…” Giving him an odd look I replied, “How many of the new shirts do you currently have on?” “Five” He said. “Bay, when I asked you to see if they fit, I didn’t mean on top of one another…” I said perturbed. “Wha?” He began and then smiled as he said,  “I figured if they were big enough to fit on top of one another, then they should be big enough for me”.



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