a delightful surprise….


For those keeping track….

The boy informed us he wanted to join a club at school…which has made his father and I giddy with joy. You may find that odd, but since he will be around peers his own age, there is a small chance that maybe someday, he might do something with one of them-you know like in a hang out with others kind of way. What’s more if this happens, he may in fact leave our house on the weekend to make that happen. *The boy leaving the house…just think of the possibilities…* but I digress.  “Uh Momma, could you pick me up from school on Wednesday around 4?” He asked me. “Why 4? What about the carpool?” I wondered. “Oh no, you see, I want to check out and maybe join this club after school…” He said. “Oh yeah? What kind of club?” I wondered. “An Anime club”. Nodding my head I said, “Okay. Tell me does this club cover only video games or the entire genre of graphic novels and stuff?” Trying not to sound too interested he replied, “Um I’m not sure, but I’ll find out more at the meeting.”

His attempt to keep me off-balance concerning his interest in the club piqued my interest further so I asked him, “Do you know anyone already in the club?” “Yes Mom, I do have friends…” He replied a bit unhappy at my inquiry. To be fair, I ask him if he has any friends almost every weekend since he never wants to leave the house.  Sizing up his frame I asked, “Is your friend A in this club?” “Yes she is but that’s not why I’m joining…” He replied. “That’s not why I asked…just wondered.” I replied and smiled.

One small step at a time….

And kudos to A–for finding a way to maintain their friendship…





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