Hunters of Artemis….


IMG_1455As I’ve written previously, the doll began reading the Blood of Olympus; the final book in Rick Riordan’s Heroes of Olympus series, on Tuesday. Before finishing the book Thursday afternoon she complained “It’s not fair that school, volleyball and homework had to take up so much of my free time!” “Are you going to go back and re-read it again to see if you missed anything; considering you read it so darn fast?” I asked her. Giving me the “That’s a dumb question to ask” look, she replied, “Mom, this is how fast I read all the books in the series…” “Oh, I just wondered if you wanted to go back and savor the book a little more…” I said as I exited the room. Not wanting me to have the last word, she followed me into the kitchen “Mom, you don’t understand. Look what Rick (author) did to me!!” She said lifting her right arm to reveal a series of odd markings. “What are those?” I asked. “That’s a list of all the characters he’s killed off and I’m at least twenty characters short! In addition, the Hunter of Artemis character that I’m going as for Halloween–he killed her off too–and she was the only one with red hair like me!!” Amused I replied, “Writer’s prerogative doll…an oddly appropriate for Halloween…”  “Your not funny mom!” She replied before exiting the room.

Later, after taking her shower she sat down on the couch, grabbed a black pen and began writing on her arm again. “What are you doing?” I asked. “Some of the marks came off in the shower…” She said. “Stop right there. Seriously?  Are those fictional deaths like a badge of honor or a tattoo?” I asked. “Mom, you wouldn’t understand….” she replied. For a moment I looked at my own wrist and tried to think back to the last time I wrote something on them relating to characters from a book and could not. “Be that as it may doll…don’t write on your arm anymore…” I replied in my typical mean mommy fashion.


Since I have not read any of the books in the Percy Jackson series, I decided to peruse the internet looking for information about the “Hunters of Artemis” so I had an idea what the doll’s Halloween costume would entail.  Love this description:

The Hunters of Artemis are gifted with excellent ranged capabilities and hunting skills, possess eternal youth as long as they don’t die in battle or break their vows of rejecting boys, and immensely enjoy hunting at Artemis’s side. They hunt monsters and whatever else they see fit. They are her maidservants, her companions, and her sisters in arms. They are however sworn to be a Hunter forever and to be an eternal maiden. Because of this, many of the Hunters have a great hatred for males and dread even traveling with them (as seen in The Titan’s Curse and The Last Olympian).

If a Hunter falls in love, Artemis will remove their immortality and may turn them into an animal, depending on her discretion. The other possible way to lose immortality is to die in battle. They are often mistaken for Amazons, only the Amazons are allowed to fall in love and do not worship a certain goddess individually. Source:

“Um Doll…why did you and your friends decide to be Hunters of Artemis for Halloween? I asked. “Mom, Hunters of Artemis is a large group of girls in the books-and since we’re a large group of girls we thought this would be perfect”. Nodding my head at her logic I added  “So tell me…as a requisite, do all you girls hate boys too?” Slightly embarrassed she began to giggle. “No”. “Are you sure…?” I asked laughing. “Mom…Stephanie is going with us and you know she really likes boys…” she said in an effort to qualify her response.

Thank goodness for Stephanie…right?





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