3:07 am….


If you’ve ever watched the movie, The Conjuring, then you know every night at 3:07 am, all the clocks in the home stop working–very creepy stuff. The other night the doll hosted a sleepover with five of her friends and they watched that movie. Half way through, I kept overhearing side conversations between different girls, strategizing about how they were going to scare the others at 3:07 am.

“Marsha, I’ve never watched a scary movie but I told my mom that I think I’m ready now….” Nancy explained. “Well your cousin brought The Conjuring with her…and it’s a very scary movie…” I replied. “I think I’ll be okay…” she replied though her voice quivered as she spoke.  When the movie began she came into the kitchen, where I was seated and asked if I could watch it with them. I didn’t mind being a security blanket of sorts, so I moved my chair into the door frame-still in the kitchen but close enough so she could see and immediately wished I knew where my husband kept his ear plugs. Stephanie  was the most proficient screamer there. For no reason she would scream-which caused the other girls to scream in reply. “What the heck?” I asked her. “My cell phone vibrated on my lap and that scared me..” she replied as she and  the girls laughed. A short time later, all the girls screamed again for no reason. “What’s going on?” I asked, lost. “Your wall clock and the clock in the movie are showing the same”. Nancy cried. “Um, the movie clock is 3:07 am. My wall clock reads 12:15 am. Hello?” I said and they all giggled at their apparent silliness.

“Okay this part coming up is scary but…” Emily explained. “Would you two knock it off, I’m trying to watch this.” Nikki interrupted. “No, I told her to let me in on the scary parts so I could be prepared Nancy replied. “Okay great, could you write all those down in your mental notebooks? I’m trying to watch the movie…” Nikki asked yet Emily kept for warning Nancy just the same. We reached a lull in the movie when someone asked, “Is anyone else creeped out by the ugly colors of their bedroom walls?” “Yes, but you know this was set in the 70’s…” came a reply. “What’s that supposed to mean?” I asked sounding offended. “Oh mom you know the 70’s were an ugly time…” the doll snarked to me in reply and all I could do was shake my head and laugh.

As the movie wore on, every now and again someone would come into the kitchen for more pop or chips and bring another girl with her. “Okay, Nancy, you’re my associate producer tonight. I say at 3:07 am we both scream….” Nikki said trying to hatch a plan. Then another set of girls came  in and said, “Wouldn’t it be funny to scare everyone at 3:07?” As the result of those overheard conversations, I chose to stay awake until 3:08 am in an effort to thwart any unnecessary scary activity. For my efforts I was rewarded by the doll when she shook me awake at 3:45 and  said, “Mom, Emily is crying…” Coming downstairs I asked what’s wrong….? “Well, Stephanie is asleep in the kitchen and yet she sent a text to the doll…” Emily said. Staring at her I replied, “What?” She explained everything to me once more which prompted me to snark,  “Gee, I can see how if Stephanie were DEAD you could be afraid of a text coming from her. What are the odds she’s actually awake…in the next room hmm?” Smiling back at me she replied, “Oh well, when you put it that way….” I returned to my bed a short time later, but not before suggesting the girls do the same…we all had church in the morning. But as you know, there is no such thing as a voice of reason during a sleepover… and instead popped in another movie. All told I got about 5 hours of sleep while they got about 3.

My favorite moment of the entire sleepover occurred in the morning when all the girls complained of having sore throats. “I hope you’re not getting sick…” I replied. “Mom, it’s from screaming last night…” the doll replied as all the girls nodded their heads in reply and laughed.



A very successful sleepover indeed




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