my chemical romance is not dead…


Okay, first to be clear, let me say, I knew what I was doing and getting myself into when I–that’s right, my idea, me-suggested to the doll that we host a sleepover with her friends so they could make their Halloween costumes together. My husband the coward, thought me insane, opening the house to six 12 yr old (going on 30) girls and as such escaped with the boy to his mother’s for the night. But I knew better. Not only did I get a daughter who’d been very nice to her parents for the last month out of the deal, the girls gained memories of having fun at the doll’s house.  And while a good set of earplugs would have been great to lessen the impact of their screams, they would have also lessened the amount of stuff I overheard all night long.

First off, due to a Girl Scout Corn Maze scheduling, the doll’s sleepover did not begin until 9:30 pm. At first I thought, well that’s too late but then realized, this meant the time we had to entertain the girls was shorter. Win win for me! One of the parents warned me during their volleyball game earlier in the day, that her daughter thought they might go ding-dong ditching. As such, in between cleaning and bracing the house for the influx of screaming girls, I visited with a few neighbors asking them nicely to refrain from carrying their shotguns to the doors. Most agreed at least this one time.

They screamed upon arrival. The last girl to be dropped off, upon hearing the others screaming decided to scream the loudest, I suppose in an effort to announce her arrival. Thus you can guess what they did for most of the night. I offered to hook their MP3s up to our antiquated stereo and before long the house was filled with the first strands of Welcome to the Black Parade, by My Chemical Romance. The only thing that gave away which group were playing were by the song’s melody, primarily because the girls loud singing obliterated the lead singers voice. When the next song came on, Nikki wandered into my kitchen and said, “Am I the only one who doesn’t know this song?” “No, I’ve never heard this song either”. Nice comfort not! I thought as she shot me a mortified look.  Immediately I knew the faux pas I had just committed. I had placed her in the loser category with myself. Oy ve.IMG_1672

Then came the time to work on their T-shirts and headbands. The night before the doll and I made a trip to Walmart and spent two hours looking for the right headbands and T-shirts to use. Two hours of the doll saying, “I don’t know, I can’t decide, I hate making decisions….” To my happiness, the shirt size we bought was perfect and the girls all loved the headbands. The gods of massive sleepover’s shined brightly down on us. As the girls worked on their shirts and headbands, they talked and shared gossip, asked one another questions and Stephanie talked about her boyfriend…a fifteen year old. I almost gagged. “My parents are okay with him, really” she assured. “Who’s singing now?” I asked as the girls sang along to another song. “5 seconds of Summer” Nancy said. “Hmm, never heard of them…” I replied. “Oh they’re the best boy bad out there…well, next to Fall Out Boy that is…”IMG_1689

“Dang it, I messed up!” One of the girls announced. “No, compared to mine that’s really nice…” Said another. “They’re both good, now knock it off” Came the voice of reason from another girl. “But…” one of them tried to argue. “Ladies, ladies, their both great now shut up!” Came from yet another girl. I sat in the kitchen and smiled, liking their support for one another. “Who singing now?” I asked, as I stepped around the girls to take pictures “Cob” Alex replied. “Cobb?” I said having never heard of them. “No Cab… you know like the car…” she explained. “Hmm” I replied as I tried to mentally remember the group to look at later. (Yep, just as I figured, another boy band…ugh!) “Do you guys like the song ‘Only Human’ the doll asked to the group. “I don’t understand this song…it’s like they just want us to cry cry cry…” she added. “Well doll they know their target audience” I threw in and was immediately sent a look which read, “Go AWAY!”

Once they were done being creative, and prior to the start of the movie, they became very, well, boyish… Setting their T-shirts off to the side to dry, they began to wrestle and scream. “someone help me, she’s killing me…” Emily screamed from the living room. I found it funny how the rest of the girls stood in the kitchen talking while Emily screamed. “Girls, really?” I said to Nikki hoping she would stop pulling on Emily’s leg. “I screamed so much I’ve lost my voice…” Emily said a little while later while musing over the “attack”. They tried to play practical jokes on one another, essentially ruining my glad wrap roll while trying to place an invisible barrier on the doll’s bedroom door frame. The hope was that Alex, who was in the room putting on her pajamas would run into it and get stuck. “Doll, what the..?” I asked and was “shushed” for an answer. A little later, all of my Halloween plush toy decorations became targets as they began throwing them at each other. “Mom they’re just creepy” The doll explained. “What? They’ve been here your whole life…you were never creeped out by them before…” I said to my fickle daughter. “Whatever mom…” she replied.


The next morning, my original idea was to wake them up with my husband’s antique school bell, but thought of something better. They were all sleeping on the floor of my living room, except for Stephanie who chose the hardwood floor of my kitchen. I plugged in my IPod and immediately, the strands of Led Zeppelin’s Moby Dick began to eminate loudly from my stereo speakers. “Mom, really?” The doll uttered, her eyes still closed. “Rise and shine girls, we have mass in an hour….rise and shine!!” I said in the sweetest voice I could muster.  All in all the girls were pretty good about waking up. After breakfast we all walked to church together and then afterward arrived home to put their new costumed T-shirts on in preparation for the annual Halloween parade; which circles my neighborhood.  Before the girls left to find a spot to watch the parade (catch candy thrown from floats)–or hook up with other 12 yr olds girls,(boys too), I made them pose for a picture…celebrating a good night with friends and showing sometimes a mother’s crazy insane idea, is actually a good one.











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