Boo! bay and doll…


Last night my brother’s neighborhood celebrated Halloween a day early. Looking at our weather outside, I wish our city would have taken a look at the weather forecast and had changed ours as well. But I digress. The doll was invited to attend a Halloween party at her cousins, once they finished walking the neighborhood in search of tricks and/or treats. When I arrived shortly before 9pm to pick her up I asked “How was the neighborhood score?” “Mom, Uncle Danny’s neighbors gave out full-sized candy bars….” She said simulating the length of the candy bars with her hands. “Cool…” I countered. “Remind me next year to come back…” She laughed. “Considering that will be your last year….” I reminded. As one might suspect, I received a tongue stuck out at me from her in reply.

As we made our way home, the doll told me about the different houses she walked up to. “Oh mom…” She began with a laugh, “The lady who lives there is a dentist and she said we could all take two pieces of candy, so long as we also took a tube a toothpaste”. “So long as the toothpaste was sealed…” I spoke aloud. “It is…” The doll replied.  “Oh and mom, the house over there had Fall Out Boy blaring from their speakers. I told her I liked her music and she was like, “You like Fall Out Boy?” She said and then giggled at the memory. “Did you mention you just saw them in concert…?” I asked.  “No..we were only there for a second mom” She said sounding more annoyed with me. “We were going to try to go to the mansion, but it was too far…” she remarked sounding  a bit disappointed. After mulling the idea over for a minute she added “I bet they were handing out even bigger candy bars…” “Who knows doll, maybe they weren’t even handing out candy…” I tried. “No they were…” she replied sounding a bit sad. Then she pulled out her headphones, plugged in her iPod and turned up the music-essentially drowning me out with her own music for the rest of the car ride home…”

Who pray tell could she have been listening and singing along with for most of the car ride home? I’ll give your three guesses and the first two don’t count.


Today on our morning drive to school, I remarked how this would be the last truly dark morning-as daylight savings time comes to an end this weekend. “But I like the darker mornings…” the boy lamented. “You are perhaps the only one…” I guffawed toward him. “I mean seriously mom, look at how well the street lights illuminate that grassy embankment…” He pointed out. I laughed and said, “Most people would rather look at the grassy embankment with ambient lighting…” “I guess it depends on the people…” He mused. Looking over at my handsome son dressed in his school uniform I said “Oh by the way bay, I love your Halloween Costume….” and tapped him on the chest with my right hand. In all seriousness he replied, “I’m not wearing a costume…” Taking a brief look back at him I replied, “Uh huh…coulda fooled me…” He smiled and said “No mom”. “Oh bay I’m just funning with you…” I replied a little frustrated at his unwillingness to play along. “I know Momma and your costume is hideous too.”

Ah there’s the boy I love!!


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