I don’t know about you, but my weekends seem to be getting shorter and shorter, the older I get. I barely remember a weekend where I’m not running around like a crazy person any more. I mentioned to someone on twitter this morning the want to sleep in on one day…to actually recoup from the week before. Funny thing, I did sleep in on Saturday. The problem being I compounded my activities so that extra rest meant nothing. No recoup just the ability to double down for the rest of the day. So yes…today I am exhausted and the week has only just begun….

Our weekend began Friday night as the doll prepared to go trick or treating with her girlfriends. “Doll it’s freezing raining out there, you need to wear your winter coat..” I said as I swept past her. I had just walked in from work and she was all a flurry trying to get dressed. “Mom I’ll be fine..” she tried. “Yes you will be fine, because you’ll be wearing your coat…” I replied and sullenly she agreed. Our area was blanketed by dropping temperatures, rain and in some areas snow and yet the doll was more worried with her appearance than with staying warm–typical 12 yr old behavior. “How do I look?” she said standing before me with her eyes closed. “I suppose you’re talking about your lack of eye make up?” I asked. Slapping my arm she replied, “So I guess you can’t see it?” she asked flustered. “Doll, come with me…” I suggested and together we walked up the stairs to my master bathroom.

“Close your eyes…” I instructed and began applying gray eye shadow. Once completed, I reached in my makeup bag and pulled out some dark brown eye liner. “Look up”  I instructed and she did however she could not keep from fluttering her eyes. “Mom can I just do that myself?” She said frustrated. “Sure, here you go…” I said and explained where to place the line of dark brown liner. “Some people actually put it on the water line…” she said. “Yes, I usually do..but seeing you you’re borrowing my stuff, it would be nice if neither one of us got pink eye” I explained. Once she completed that task, I pulled out the mascara. Once again her eyes fluttered while I attempted to apply so I handed the wand to her. “Just make nice even strokes…” I instructed and then stepped back, watching through the mirror as she applied mascara to each eye. “You are the only person on the planet I think who doesn’t open their mouth wide while applying mascara..” I joked. she looked back at me through the mirror and laughed. “Really? Why would you do that?” “I suppose we are trying to get our eyelashes as big as possible and stretching out your face makes you think you do…” I said. A minute later, she looked back through the mirror and smiled, “Now that you’ve told me that, I can’t keep my mouth closed…” “How do I look now?” she asked. “Too young to be wearing make-up” I replied with a smirk. “I know but it is Halloween…” she reasoned. “Still too young…” I muttered, largely ignored.


When I dropped her off her friends greeted her in the driveway. She no longer looked like my little girl…she looked like a beautiful young lady… sigh.



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