that’s my boy….


The boy has had a rough couple of days as of late, but that is just one aspect of who he is. As such I thought I’d paint a wider picture so you have a better understanding of who he really is…

Three weeks ago, when my niece was married, I handed him my nice digital camera and asked him to take pictures at the wedding and reception. I was hoping the pictures from his point of view would be interesting–considering what he deems important is different that what I would. The reception was held at an area country club-club house, which overlooked a golf course. “Bay have you taken any pictures?” I asked mid way through the reception. “Yes, some quite nice ones too…” He replied. My husband smiled and said, “Not what you’ll expect…” Later when I uploaded the pictures to my laptop I was quite surprised to find beautiful pictures of the golf course. “It’s a very beautiful setting Momma” He explained.



Over the weekend we purchased a new television with “smart” capabilities. Since hooking everything up, the opportunity for me to actually sit down and (play) figure out the system’s capabilities has been very limited. Though not for my children apparently…

This morning I found the boy watching YouTube on the TV. “How did you do that?” I asked. “The TV has YouTube built-in…” He explained. Not having the time to learn what he was doing I simply shrugged my shoulders and moved on through. He in turn found the music he “needed” to get his day moving… First up was “Rhapsody in Blue” by George Gershwin-a curious choice I’ll admit. Then he reverted to form playing a selection of classic pop (the Beatles) and rock (Led Zeppelin) music. “Bay, do you still listen to country music”? I asked then next time I wandered through. “Eh some…but I find classic rock and the Beatles to be a more involved kind of music-you know, more interesting and creative.”

See I’ve been telling you for years how intelligent he is…


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