a class? ring….


When I was as Sophomore  in high school I brought home paperwork to my mom to purchase a class ring. She smiled and said, “If you want a ring, save your money and buy it yourself” As such, I chose to opt out of a class ring. When I graduated, my mom gave me a beautiful emerald ring-my birthstone; which more than made up for the class ring–and I’ve been wearing the ring (off and on) ever since.


The boy brought home information about ordering a high school class ring the other day and surprised us by showing interest in receiving one. Neither of his parents ever ordered one, so this was new territory for all of us. While I thought the ring should signify his time spent in high school, the boy felt the ring should signify him. period.

“I think you should stay with the scarlet colored stone…” I suggested considering the school’s colors are scarlet and gray. “I would rather not…I like the alexandrite one instead…” He pointed out. Taking a closer look at the stone he chose, I realized alexandrite was a dark gray stone with purple hues. “Okay…seeing as your birthstone is Amethyst…” I reasoned aloud. On side A of the ring, pre-destermined by the school and jeweler would be the his name and school’s crest. Side B  would boast his graduation year along with any “activity” or “mascot” of his choosing. The school’s moniker, the “Fighting Irish” is represented by a 4 leaf clover.Considering that he’s of Irish descent  and not involved in many  school activities, I believed the clover would be perfect.

The boy had other ideas…

“Momma, I want to use the “Dolphin” he said pointing out the design to me. “The dolphin?” I asked confused. “Excuse me, your school is the Fighting Irish…” I explained. “I know what the mascot is Momma but I find the clover trite.” “Of course it’s trite…you’re Irish and the 4 leaf clover is indicative of the Irish-you know, lucky….” I encouraged. “No thank you. I’d prefer a dolphin.” “You realize this is a “class” ring-indicating your time spent at this school–don’t you? I don’t see the point of putting a dolphin on a ring to remind you of high school”. “Momma, I’m not dumb. I do understand this is a class ring. However, I want the ring to be more representative of me during high school and the clover does not indicate that for me. Besides, dolphins are one of the smartest animals on the planet..” He reasoned. “Dude, no. I could see if we lived in Florida or something but we do not…” I argued back. “Momma, you’re just not seeing the bigger picture here…the ring is a representation of me…” He remarked. “Bay, I’m paying for the ring…I am the bigger picture”. I reminded him.

After perusing the catalog again he said, “Okay, if I can’t have a dolphin, how about a cardinal?” “A cardinal? Really?” I asked flustered. “Momma, I’m a birder. This is the best picture they have to show…” He blabbed on in his desire to convince me. “Bay, if there as a birder’s club at the school…” I tried. “I think the clover is the right way to go”. “Momma…the clover is…” He stuttered trying to find a way to push me off the idea. I’m not sure whether his persistance at getting a ring that represented him-not the school or his heritage; or the fact that I was exhausted from lack of sleep the night before was the reason, but I finally ended the futile argument and allowed him to order his ring with the cardinal mascot.


Two days removed from the purchase, I’m still not sure what finally brought us into agreement. Whether his constant persistance and arguing for what he wanted, or my realization that his ring would probably only be worn for a few months, before being relagated to the bottom of a shirt drawer.  Whatever the reason I finally relented and allowed him to order the cardinal as the mascot. “I don’t understand you sometimes…” I commented as we made our way back to the car. “Momma, I’m a different kind of individual; unique” He replied. “No argument there bay, you are definitely different…in all the right ways-yet different. Smiling he turned and said, “I’ll take that as a compliment.”

Go Fighting Cardinals!!


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