you know you’re a mom when….


There are tell-tale times in your life when you realize, “Yep, I’m a mom”. These moments are unexpected but always welcome and either provide comfort: I must be doing something right or laughter you know you’re a mom when… Either way…being a mom is pretty great-even on the hard days…

You know you’re a mom when….you can find articles of clothing for your children, even when you’re not at home:  The doll texted me and asked, “Where’s my beanie?” “What are you talking about?” I texted back. “My multi colored hat…you know the one you threw at me the other day” she replied. Thinking back I recalled seeing her take it off and drop on the floor in front of the couch–five days earlier. “Doll, look and see if your beanie is on the floor around the long couch; where you left it the other day” I suggested. “Duh…it was next to the couch on the floor. Thanks!” Yep kids wear blinders most of the day-as everything is hidden in plain sight-exactly where they left them.

You know you’re a mom when….you can commiserate with other moms about the tweendom hormonal rage going on in our (female) children…and laugh thankfully. “I’m so glad you’re telling me this…I thought it only happened in my family…” One mom said to me last week. “Oh no…why do you think parents drink? I mean seriously?” I replied laughing.

You know you’re a mom when….you can embarrass your daughter, just for the sake of doing so..and she doesn’t necessarily get upset with you… Over the weekend, the doll along with her Girl Scout troop traveled to Southern Ohio for a camp out experience. Thursday night, we stopped at her Troop leader’s home to drop off the necessary paper work and sleeping gear. As we entered her home, there were two moms, three girl scouts and two dad’s, all talking excitedly about the trip. “Everything you need is in there right?” The troop leader asked the doll, pointing at her duffel bag. “Oh we forgot her medications…which she’ll bring to school…” I began. The doll had worked her way around the table and sat down-to talk with the other girls. “Oh and…” I began to say when the doll shot me a look which read…”DON’T SAY IT!”  “Oh and what?” the troop leader asked. “Oh, the doll’s underwear is currently in our dryer at home…” The doll immediately covered her face with her hands and began shaking her head back and forth. The dad’s; both oblivious to what I had just said stopped and looked at us… “What did I miss?” One of them asked. In the meantime, the other two moms, myself and two of the three girls present all began to laugh. “Mom why would you say that?” she asked from behind her hands. “Doll your face is as red as your hair..” One of the girls remarked, which brought laughter from the doll even while she continued to cover her face.

The troop leader turned to me and said, “I love you. Doll, I really love your mom…” Which made me smile…especially when she added, “Oh and by the way doll, so are mine. No worries.” We stayed a few minutes longer and by the time we made it back to our car the doll was laughing-no  longer embarrassed by my big mouth. In fact, later that night she gave me a great hug and kiss goodnight.

Another reason when you know you’re a mom…you get hugs and kisses-even if they’re mad at you simply because they love you-faults and all.




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