nothing new to report….


The doll keeps doing that thing…you know with two fingers which suggests she’s looking at me or keeping an eye on me… For what? I do not know. “Mom I’m almost as tall as you…” she tells me excitedly. “Hardly…I still have three inches on you. “Just wait…” she says mischievously. Truth be told, I grew three inches in high school…I suspect so will she. The boy meanwhile has been slowly inching upward to 6″1″ tall. Two years ago he grew 5 inches over the summer…we’ve been waiting on this last inch for six months. I guess as they like to say, all in due time…

This week the boy has been home sick with a stomach virus. He hasn’t done anything other than sleep. “Perhaps this is your body telling you to go to bed at a decent hour…” I said this morning to him. “Mom, please I really don’t feel confident going to school in this condition” He replied. Hard to argue with a kid over 200 pounds I reasoned so he’s remained home a second day.

The doll tried to horn in on the feeling ill bit last night…and called home from basketball practice. Ten minutes later she was asleep in her bed. Makes me wonder if she were still worn out from the Girl Scout camp out she attended over the weekend….? “Not hardly” she explained this morning…I just felt sick to my stomach”.  “That seems to happen every time you have basketball practice….am I seeing a pattern here?” I offered. “No, I really wanted to be there. I’ve decided to really try this game and learn it…” She replied.

And so I look around and we’ve reached the status quo. Nothing new to report, nothing bad happening. Somehow I ended up with the day off and have been raking and mowing the yard for most of the day. I figured if nothing else, I would get a good workout… So far…the work out has been in futility as the wind carries all the leaves down the street. But still I must try…and get back at it.

“Momma…” the boy said as I entered the kitchen. “Thank you for letting me stay home”. “How are you feeling…?” I asked. “Hungry…” he replied and I smiled. At least that’s a good sign…to build upon.




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