the writing on the wall….


The boy was up at the crack of dawn and in jovial-his word-spirits this morning, happy to be going back to school. Yesterday I left a message asking his teachers to forward his homework to my email address-so when he came back to school he wouldn’t be too far behind. “Sorry mom, I don’t have those books at home…” He quietly said to me. Glancing at the clock and noticing the time I asked, “What’s your locker combination?” A half an hour later I walked in with all his books and bid him a fond adieu until all his homework was finished. Around 9 pm, he entered the kitchen smiling and saying, “I can hardly wait to go to school in the morning”. Looking back at him curiously I asked, “Are you feeling alright? For the first time all week your spouting gibberish…” He smiled and added his customary, “I love you…” while I replied in kind.


“Don’t you think “Writings on the wall” song lyrics are a bit pretentious?” The boy asked on our morning drive to school. “In what way?” I replied. “It just seems some singers add that line in hopes of making the songs sound as if they are conveying more wisdom than they actually are” He explained. We sat in silence as the music he was referring to played in the car. “Bay, I think they’re referring to the fact that there are signs all around us to see…that we may not be open to.” I offered. “Do you really believe that happens?” He asked me. “Did you find your hat this morning?” I asked. “No…” He replied. “But if I go home and find the hat by lifting up something that could be concealing it from your view…what does that tell you?” I asked. “It means it was hidden…” He said not following my logic. “Okay-true…but if you had taken the time to lift  the article-in your search…is it still hidden or are you ignoring the signs-the wherewithal of where your hat could be?” “What does that have to do with seeing the writing on the wall?” He asked now getting perturbed. “Bay everyday things are written on the wall that we ignore…like finding your hat under your clothes from yesterday. The writer of the song is trying to convey to us to pay attention-open your eyes-see what’s right in front of you…what’s written on the wall…” I tried.

“You read way too much into lyrics Momma” He finally replied. “Yeah…well you don’t read enough….” I added with a smile. “Well let me assure you…the lyrics to 7 Nation Army are dumb gibberish” He smiled. “Well, bay…Rock and Roll is filled with gibberish…but if you have a good guitar riff…who cares?” Smiling back at me he pointed and said, “Good point” Before wishing me a good day as he exited the car. Yep the boy is feeling better…


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