Baby it’s cold outside….


The other day, Mary Alice and I helped out at a funeral luncheon, taking place at my daughter’s school. The windows to the room we were in, looked out onto the adjacent park, where the students play during lunch recess. Standing across the street in her uniform skirt and wearing a thin button down hoody, stood my doll; arms wrapped around her chest shivering with her friends. When I arrived home that day I asked, “Doll, were you a bit cold today during recess?” “Oh My God Mom, it was freezing out there” She replied. “So…tomorrow you’re wearing your winter coat and some pajama bottoms or sweat pants right?” I asked. “Why?” she said. “Why? Didn’t you just tell me you were freezing?” I tried. “Well so was everyone else…” She explained.


“Doll” I said in a droll tone. “Sooo what you’re telling me is…you’re okay freezing and possibly getting sick for the sake of being like everyone else?” Rolling her eyes and slumping her shoulders forward and in lieu of getting a lecture from me, she promised to take her winter coat with her from now on.

Fast forward two days….

While driving home for lunch, in between my appointments, I drove past the same park and there stood my doll huddled with her friends, wearing the same uniform combination…and shivering. Glancing at the temperature gauge in my car (which read 28 degrees Farenheit), for a half a second I thought about going over and admonishing her for freezing to be “cool” with her friends. But then I thought back to when I was her age and probably felt freezing among friends was “cooler” than staying warm too. So I continued on toward home, smiling at the memories from the last time  I froze with friends instead of dressing to stay nice and warm….

-November 2013, during an OSU vs. MU football game party…

I guess that apple doesn’t fall too far from the tree after all…





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