a mean mommy moment….


In case anyone has forgotten, I am a mean mommy and as such my meanness shows up in many forms. While my doll no longer verbally tells me “You’re mean!” she does use her eyes and body language quite effectively in conveying the message. So this morning, as she exited the house for school, I read her mind on who she felt I was…and frankly, I couldn’t agree more…

Rain, rain, go away don’t come back as snow today….  All night long and most of the early morning hours we’ve been treated to lots and lots of water falling from the sky-which would have been fine, had the wind not decided to join the party too. The forecast for today calls for wind gusts upward to 50 mile per hour and a thirty degree temperature shift downward by midday. As the doll ran about gathering her gear this morning, I reminded her “The temperatures are supposed to drop around noon-so make sure you take your winter coat”. “I know mom!” She said grabbing her coat. “Can you find an umbrella?” I asked. “Can’t you just drive me to school?” She asked.

Since we live four houses from the school, driving seems ridiculous-even in windy rainy weather; so I turned her down. “Sorry doll, I’ve gotta get stuff done before I leave in ten minutes” I replied. Pulling out an umbrella, I followed her to the front door. “Okay, one, two, three…” She counted as she slipped the umbrella through the small opening in the door, waiting for it to open before stepping outside. As she hit the release button, the umbrella opened into a gust of wind and immediately turned inside out, nearly blowing away. “What’s this?” She said before giving way to nervous laughter.  Reaching out, I grabbed the windblown cloth and began trying to fold the umbrella back into shape; forcing the doll to reach up and  grab ahold of one the panels with her left hand.

As she walked away I shouted, “Have a good day baby!” In the most cheerful voice I could muster. Not waiting for a response, I closed the door and walked into the kitchen. Opening the blinds to our large picture window, I stood there watching the doll navigate the wet and puddled sidewalk on her way to school, fighting a losing battle against the wind with her dying umbrella.

And all I could do was laugh at the sight.



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