I live in a cluttered house with cluttered children, who live with cluttered parents. A dinner party or an expected sleepover must occur before we step into gear and actually clear some of the clutter away. But then there is always a fear-we may throw something important away.  Hence we are relatively happy in our cluttered lives.

“Mom I need to borrow $5.00” The boy informed. “Why?” “Mrs. K. is taking us out to lunch after school on Wednesday, but only if we bring our own money.” He replied. “What are you going to do to earn that five bucks?” I asked. He shrugged his shoulders and stretched out his right palm face up. Slapping him “five” I reiterated, “What will you do for that five bucks?” “I don’t know, I’ll think of something…” He replied. “How about you clean your room to MY satisfaction–you know actually putting the clothes into their dresser drawers instead of resting them atop?” “Mom, my room is already in perfect order. I know where everything is at…” He explained. “Please…dirty tissues, empty water bottles, pop cans, etc.; have no business living in your room. Oh and clear the floor enough to run the vacuum in there” I added. He grunted pulling his hand back and exited the room.

A few minutes he returned and asked, “So…your cleaning standard or your current bedroom standard?” Staring at him I replied, “Do as I say, not as I do…” Hoping that would work. He laughed and said, “My bedroom floor will be ready for the vacuum cleaner….” Trying not to smile back at him I decided instead to enter my bedroom a find a home for all the clothes currently sitting atop my dresser.

Sigh, yes the kids do not fall far from their parents cluttered trees.



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