moments so dear….


There are times I wish I had the wherewithal to produce beautiful video clips, complete with pictures and moments caught-when no camera or recording device is near. I’d overlay the work with a song or two which expresses the sentiments of the images contained within. But alas, I do not have a camera attached to my glasses or the unlimited capacity in which to store them. Instead you’re stuck with these…

“I need a hug” she said and then leaned in for one. Not one to turn down a chance to hold my doll, I obliged, opening my arms wide while she leaned forward-not giving one in return, simply allowing me to absorb her. “What’s wrong?” I asked. “I don’t know, I just need a hug”. So we stood there hugging until she initiated a release. I hope she got what she needed, lord knows I did.


Did you know the song “Maniac” from Flashdance was originally written for a horror film?” The boy asked as he opened the door to the kitchen?” “Really? Because “She’s a may-nee-ac…? I asked. “Yes”. He replied, then departed the kitchen. Ten minutes later he repeated the motion by asking “Did you know…the artist who originally conceived Constantine, was really drawing a picture of the singer Sting?” “Well he is a pretty scary dude” I said in return and he guffawed. Then like before, after imparting his seemingly useless (and not necessarily believable) trivia he turned and left the kitchen.

I simply love and adore my boy’s attempt at inclusion…especially when he’s disconnected from an electronic device.


For the last several years I’ve been making the Thanksgiving Dressing down at my father’s. The first time, the three of us, Mom, Dad and I stood around the table breaking up the bread into crumbs, adding all the ingredients and talking about the busy holiday season ahead of us. After my mom passed away my dad insisted I continue to make the dressing with him-perhaps as a way to stay connected to my mom. Then my sister Ann Marie offered to help and once again the three of us stood around the table, breaking up the bread, adding the ingredients and talking about the busy holiday season ahead of us.

For the last two years, my dad has begged off. “I want you to make the dressing down here, I just can’t help with the process” he explained. No matter, the doll joined along and our tradition continued on. This year plans were changed and shifted about. “Marsha let’s make the dressing on Tuesday so I can make the pies Wednesday” Ann suggested. I wasn’t happy. I didn’t want to be rushing around trying to get all the ingredients in between jobs on Tuesday…but my friend Mrs. K was very accommodating. “How would you like to go on an adventure?” I asked her. “Sure…” She replied thankfully. So together she accompanied me to several different markets, finding all the necessary ingredients needed as well as a few treats for her.

When I arrived at my dad’s Tuesday evening Ann was surprised the doll had begged off. “Mom, making the dressing is boring…” she explained. In truth, I didn’t mind. Making dressing is boring and mundane work. Plus the less I had to deal with a sullen tween, the better. But what surprised both Ann and myself was my dad. He sat down at the table and looked at us. “What are you doing?” Ann Marie asked. “I’m going to help you…” He said with a smile. Ann and I looked at one another for a moment then back to him. “No problem with your hands this year?” I asked him. “Nope. Now do you have all the ingredients ready?” He asked.

IMG_1796Once again, the three of us stood around the table, breaking up the bread and adding all the ingredients. Only this year we didn’t really talk about the busy time ahead of us. Instead we enjoyed one another’s company. My dad hummed, Ann and I laughed. He scolded her for putting too much water on the bread and we laughed. He was very animated and invested in what we were doing. In truth, this night of dressing making was probably the best time we’ve all had in some time.

I hope the dressing flavors reflect that…something tells me regardless….they will.

Happy Thanksgiving 2014.


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