taking advantage…


The boy’s high school football team (The Fighting Irish) won a state semifinal game last Friday which means they play this Thursday for the state championship in Division 3 football. The Irish football teams have been very successful the last few years getting into the playoffs. Last year, the team was heavily favored to win but fell early in the regional finals. This year was supposed to be a rebuilding year for the school, yet here they are, preparing for a state championship.

The boy who loathes football couldn’t care less-except if by some great chance, the championship game affects him. “Oh Mom, due to the football team winning their game the other night, we get out of school at noon on Thursday” He explained. “Oh Cool..”I replied. “And…we all have Friday off as well” He said; a big smile cresting his face. “Cool…so you wanna drive down and go to the game?” I asked “Why would I wanna do that? I’m just excited to get out early and have a day off…” He replied. “Oh I see. So you’re willing to take the advantages culled by your football team, without showing any support for them…” I said. “Yes!” he said in a matter of fact tone. “Seems rather unfair if you ask me…” I injected.

“I don’t see an advantage for me to drive down to Columbus and freeze in the stands watching a bunch of babies crawling on the ground”. He explained. “What?” I said beginning to laugh. “Whenever I look at a football game it just looks like a bunch of babies crawling on the ground for a ball. I mean seriously how do you find that entertaining?” He asked. “Bay, I suggest you never tell any of the football players, that’s how you view them…” I said still laughing. “I don’t. I mean I’m not stupid..” He began, stopped and then qualified his statement adding, “Well, wait, I am stupid-at times, but I don’t have a death wish”.”Alright…but will you at least root for them?” I asked. “Sure…so long as I don’t have to go to the game or listen on the radio”. “What if the game is televised?” I asked. “So long as I don’t have to watch them in any shape or form. I mean, think about it mom, my total disregard has worked out good for them so far this year. The moment I start paying attention they’ll probably lose…” He argued. “I thought you didn’t believe in that kind of thinking…” I said skeptically at him. “I don’t but I thought maybe you did”.



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