the top five…


The top five reasons I can’t seem to find my blog mojo today.

1) Seemingly perpetual gray skies

2) Fluctuating temperatures and barometric pressure changes

3) Seasonal colds and flues

4) General Malaise

5) Boredom

Top Five reasons TO write a blog today

1) Both kids went to school

2) Hub’s on personal leave for the next few days

3) Living in the moment

4) Christmas is around the corner

5) Haven’t begun to shop

Top five things to do other than write a blog while at work

1) Watch Castle on abc app

2) Download music

3) Search Caribbean destinations for anniversary trip

4) Search Airline prices for above trip

5) Actually work while at work (a novelty concept)

Top Five future programming changes

5)I may or may not change the layout page…I’ve been tinkering…but I’m dumb about a lot of this stuff so you may not even notice…

4) I may occasionally bring on a guest blogger–though more as a way of challenging myself–

3) Though not really a change…The doll will always be known as the doll primarily because, even though I refer to her as “doll” in real life-she hates the name. Therefore I will always refer to her as “doll”

2) The boy will shortly become known as “the little man” primarily because he no longer resembles a “boy” but rather, a man-with long sideburns… *sigh*

1) The week of Christmas (Dec. 22-26) I’ll be posting my favorite Christmas blogs from my four years of blogging past… primarily so I have time to record and write a plethora of new material to share the following week. However I do plan on writing a new one on Christmas eve, 2014.



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  1. Marsha, I do so enjoy your blog[s]. I hope you are thinking of collecting them in a book as Erma Bombeck did. My son is older now and generally more mature but I do recall some epic struggles. There isn’t a mother alive who can’t relate and sympathize. Hope you have very happy holidays. SisterWoman. [Gail]

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