muted hindsight…


“Marsha you need to find a way to eliminate the volume on that thing…” One of the mom’s said to me. We were anxiously awaiting the start of our daughters basketball game-the first one of the season and I had been assigned the task of recording the game for the coaches. When I arrived, I was handed an iPad and shown what to do and then joined the other mom’s in the bleacher’s. “What are you going to do with that?” One of them asked. “They want me to record the game…so they can look back and see some of their mistakes…” I replied. “You can’t sit here..” Said another mom and we all began to laugh. The implication being, mom’s talk while watching the games and not all of our remarks are complimentary to the players, coaches or our own daughters.

Nonetheless, snarky comments asside, I recorded the game. Before handing the iPad back to the coach I said, “Please, don’t watch this with the volume turned on. You didn’t have me record this game to listen to parents snipe or play bleacher coach. Do yourself a favor and listen on mute and for God’s sake, don’t let the girls listen either.” Giving me an odd look he replied, “Oh-okay…I’ll preview it before I show the girls”.


Due to the day and age we live in, each basketball practice must have an adult female present, to ensure no funny business occurs between the girls and their coaches. Being a mom who loves basketball, I volunteered to cover all the Wednesday practices through the rest of this year; much to the doll’s chagrin “Mom at practice my name is not doll…Don’t call me doll at practice!!” “Okay doll-er ah hmm.” I’ll also help participate in some drills with the girls and offer thoughts or advice when necessary .

Last night, I approached the head coach to offer some thoughts on what I witnessed on Saturday, “You need to have your best two guards guard each other, so they are used to having problems bringing the ball up the court… maybe this will get them looking up court more often than dribbling the ball with their heads facing down…” I said. He gave me a wry smile in return, acknowledging my advice and then said,  “Yes, that was one of the comments on the video…”   Slightly embarrassed, I snickered and said, “You were given strict instructions not to watch the playback with the volume on!” Before giving way to laughter. “Are you kidding me? I watched that four times…and the mom feedback was amazing. In fact you were right, in the 4th quarter as the game began getting away from us, I should have called a time out”.

“Well it’s good to be right about something” I thought to myself but only nodded to him in return. Frankly, I don’t remember much of what I said while I recorded the game. I do know I laughed an awful lot, made my own share of snarky comments in between cheering for our team. “But don’t worry, we kept the volume on mute when we reviewed the game for the girls-so you’re all safe.” He added with a chuckle.

I laughed again, slightly relieved. Just then the other coach approached and said, “At Saturday’s game we’ll have a different camcorder-this one has a tripod….” Evidently reading the look I projected back to him, he shifted gears and said, “…and we’ll find someone else to film it for us…”

Smiling back at him I replied, “Good idea” and then took my customary seat up in the bleachers, as the girls got busy with their warm ups.






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