ordinary life…


IMG_1854On an ordinary day in our ordinary world, two things almost always happen: The dog disappears into a blanket and the boy, invariably, almost steps on her. “WHAT THE FUUUU”  The boy’s almost 16 year old brain shouts aloud, as he maneuvers his 200+ pound frame away, trying to keep from landing atop her. Instead he careened and landed on the couch, still cursing.  “Watch your language, you knew the dog was there” I say. “Only moments earlier we both shared a laugh at the dog’s apparent attempt at disappearing”

IMG_1853“I know she was…but still..what the he__” He argues and continues swearing. “Bay…knock it off…let’s go…we’re going to be late…” I reply knowing full well, unless someone picks up the blankets off the floor, we’ll probably repeat this same morning dance tomorrow.

Last weekend the boy and I rearranged and cleaned our living room; brought our 25 yr old Christmas tree upstairs and set the tree up to decorate. As of yesterday, the doll had attached the lights and garland-yet no IMG_1855-0ornaments to the tree. “I was expecting the boy to help me…” the doll complained. “Really? Seriously? You wanted the boy’s help?” I asked in a shocked tone. “I shouldn’t be the only one doing all the work” came her reply. “Hmm….funny.” I said. “What?” She asked. “I say that exact same thing to you both…almost every day”. “Could you not throw stuff in my face one day mom? Jeeze!” She replied. “Where is the fun in that?” I replied…mostly to deaf ears.

And our ordinary day moves forward…mundane and beautiful as we continue on…..



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