a Christmas list…


Saturday following the doll’s basketball team’s come from behind victory, we arrived home, planted our tushes on the couch and proceeded to watch Amazon prime the rest of the day. “Don’t you think we should do some Christmas shopping?” the hubby suggested. “That’s what tomorrow is for…” I replied before turning my attention back to the television. In truth, I needed a mental health day. You know, the kind one dreams about, but hardly ever gets… A day to just sit on the couch, be still, watch television and do little else. With the exception of going to mass, I barely functioned on Saturday.

Sunday morning, after having a good night’s rest, the hubby and I got up early, went to the gym, worked out and then returned home to plot our course for the rest of the day-one that included a trek to the mall. “The boy needs new shirts and then the usual stuff…” I began, “The doll needs new shirts too…and a few girly type of things…” I explained as we entered the car. Before we were barely out of our driveway, I received a text from our doll, letting us know exactly what she’d like for Christmas…


IMG_1874 I can honestly say, when I read her list aloud, I did so with a hint of incredulity to my voice. I loved how she qualified the length by letting us know she didn’t need everything on it..but more information the better, right? “Hey Marsh, how about this store?” the hubby asked upon arrival at the mall. The walls of the store were covered with concert styled t-shirts and posters. Perfect! I thought until I needed a question answered and was greeted by a young girl, with short red hair, dark make-up with a pierced nose and upper lip. In that instance, I flashed forward a few years and saw my beautiful doll…looking very much like the sales girl and immediately shuddered.

My husband, sensing my unease looked at me and said, “I’m okay with all this…she’s a little rock and roller at heart and that’s not a bad place to be. I don’t even mind the combat boots…” Looking back at him I laughed and said, “Who da thunk I’d be the prude?” Shaking my head back and forth in disbelief, I qualified my discontent adding, “Well, with her peach skin tone and beautiful red hair, she’ll really be a knock out wearing black”. Looking back at me my husband frowned and replied, “Now that makes me worry….”


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