A Christmas post script


If you’re looking for the true meaning to Christmas..look no further. A lovely family and their ability to overcome a devastating loss and still find meaning during their Christmas season.
Merry Christmas one and all…

Segues along the path...

Last week while I played on Twitter, wishing everyone a Happy New Year; I came across a friend, Lori, who had had a very difficult year after her brother’s death. As we exchanged good wishes for the New Year, I asked how her Christmas had gone. What she told me, blew me away. Christmas is a difficult time of year for so many who have lost loved ones. From my own experience, I made a promise to my mom not to allow her death, a few days past Christmas 2005, to ruin future holidays. Yet I have trouble finding inspiration this time of year. However, Lori’s description of the beautiful Christmas she had just witnessed illustrates to me what the holiday season is really all about: LOVE.

With permission, this is her story:

Her family all arrived “home” to their parents’ for the Christmas holiday, not sure what to expect. Time…

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