How is this Christmas?


The doll kept asking over and over, “How can this be Christmas.” As a smart ass parent I replied, “Well because the calendar says it’s so…” “But mom, you know what I mean…” She replied. “I know baby…but if you like, I can take all your presents back until such time it feels right” I added. “You’re not helping”. she said and I had to agree.

Last years’ Christmas we had ten inches of snow on the ground and we could feel the holiday in the air. In spite of almost non stop Christmas music playing from our radio stations since October, the 50 F temperatures didn’t lend much to the aire of the holiday. Even after my family’s huge Christmas eve affair, the doll kept to her guns. “That just felt like a big party…not Christmas.” She argued. “Doll, I don’t know what to tell you…” I said. “Doll I know what you mean…” Her father interjected. “Every year the holiday sneaks up on me because I’m working so many hours. I just lose all track of the days leading up…” “That’s not it Dad” she said in reply. Which brought out the resident smart ass comment “Yeah dad, what does she know about working?” which earned me a slap for my effort.

After all the presents had been unwrapped I had a moment with the doll to discuss what she expected Christmas to “feel” like and what was missing. “Surely this morning while we were opening presents it felt like Christmas…” I opened. “Even then. I can’t explain why. I just know this doesn’t feel like a normal Christmas”. “Could it be this is the first year you received all clothes? No toys or gadgets? Perhaps that’s what is missing…” I offered. Shaking her head back and forth she replied, “I don’t do toys…besides, even if I did, I don’t know whether that would make a difference or not…” “Well then tell me what is missing-besides the snow…” She lowered her head in thought before whispering, “I don’t know…”

“She’s just being a head case…” Came her brother. “Bay, this doesn’t concern you” I replied before she yelled, “We weren’t talking to you! Why don’t you just shut up?!” “What I was just interjecting my opinion into the discussion…” he said before turning his attention back to his iPad. “Bay, do us all a favor and only interject opinions when they are asked of you.” I suggested. “Momma, you know how impossible a feat that can be for me…” He said, while never taking his gaze from his video. “Be that as it may…you do not have to act like your father here..” I began before my hubby jumped in, “How did I get dragged into this?” And we all laughed for a moment. “Listen doll, regardless if this feels Christmassy or not really shouldn’t be the problem. Do you feel loved?” I asked changing gears. “Yes”. Then the spirit of Christmas is alive and well in this house.

A little while later when I called the kids in for breakfast the doll took one look at what I was offering and said, “Okay, now this feels like Christmas…” as we all dug into our fresh backed cinnamon rolls–our family Christmas day tradition.


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