the evening follies….


Each family dynamic is different, thus finding the careful balance between what is funny versus what can be seen as scolding can be difficult at times… except apparently in my family. We are a family of smart asses; plain and simple. The boy always has an opinion about everything–“You shouldn’t judge something based upon on it looks or because the thinking is different from your own” He said to be at dinner last night. I can’t remember what she and I had been discussing when he made his proclamation but his words caused me to pause and look upon his plate of food. “Funny that statement is coming from you-the boy who won’t eat lasagna or soup because all the ingredients are touching one another. Aren’t you making a judgement based upon how that food looks-rather than taste?” I asked.  “No, simply because that food is gross and tastes funny…” “And you would no this because you’ve tasted them….? Not!” I quipped. “Mom as usual you’re not getting my point…” He tried but I wasn’t having any of this. “No, I hear what you’re saying and I agree…but this goes both ways bay…you’re the one not understanding.”

We were both quiet for a few minutes, much to my husband’s delight (he hates when we argue at the dinner table) before the boy offered his rebuttal. “Mom, whether or not I like something based on taste is different than you arbitrarily disliking something. “Because…?” I asked waiting for the other (15 year old’s logic) shoe to drop. “Because unlike me mom, you are invariably always wrong.”




Last night at bedtime, my husband entered the kitchen carrying a hot water bottle and began yelling at me. “This is all your fault, you know!” I was minding my own business, listening to music with headphones on and had to remove them in order to hear what he was talking about. “What’s you’re problem?” “I see what you’ve done-the way you’ve “trained” her… This isn’t right you know! Men should not be forced to do things to accommodate the female population in this home!” He announced loudly, all the while shaking the empty hot water bottle at me. “What the heck?” I asked confused until the doll entered the room wearing a sheepish grin. “Oh sure, gang up on your poor defenseless father! Make him do all the work. Boy your mother has certainly trained you well!!” My husband said loudly and then turned and walked toward the bathroom door. Looking across the table at my doll, still wearing her sheepish grin, I reached out my hand to fist bump her and said, “Way to go doll–getting your dad to fill the hot water bottle for you…” She reached across and we bumped our knuckles together, and laughed, while her father could be heard grousing loudly from the bathroom.

A short time Dad returned to the kitchen and handed her the newly filled warm container saying “Here you go…” She in turn took the bottle from him and then leaned in for a hug, saying “Thank you Daadd”-which her father did not readily accept. “Oh sure a gratuity hug..” He replied with mock insincerity. “Dad, I wouldn’t turn down a hug from her…soon enough she’ll stop giving them…” I offered. Stepping back and opening his arms wide, his daughter leaned in and accepted his embrace…and together they held on a few minutes longer than usual; before she initiated the release. “Goodnight Mom and Dad” the doll said and then exited the room.

Once she was out of ear shot I reached out my arm and offered a fist bump to my hubby saying, “Way to get the doll to give you a longer hug tonight”. He batted my arm away and instead leaned down for a kiss goodnight before adding, “Yeah how about that…she fell for my grousing…” and smiled before he too, left the room for bed.



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