long lost til found…


The other day I decided instead of sitting in front of my laptop watching “television” shows online, I would get busy doing something I have been putting off for some time; namely clean my basement. Though we have a full size basement, we use the rooms more for storage. In addition, in spite of housing our furnace down there, heat is almost never present.  So last year when we decided to install a new furnace, we moved everything from one side of the basement to the other–to make room for the unit and new vent lines. Since then we’ve only put things “back” in their original place when the need to use them arose. As you can imagine, one side looks like hell.

The first thing I did was open a few boxes which held clothing worn by the kids and immediately fell into the “Oh this was the boy’s favorite onesie” mode for a little while. Sifting through all the clothing and wondering why I had kept them. Well I know why…sentimental fool here.  Next up was clearing off a couch that became the catch all for anything that couldn’t stand on its own.

IMG_2001This was where I found all the treasures…

A 1998 t-shirt from Lillith Fair, when the festival traveled through Clarkston, MI. My older sister Carol, along with her daughter and few friends sat high on the lawn of the venue and jammed to the different artists playing on the main stage. My favorite moment of the day was  watching Bonnie Raitt perform while The Indigo Girls (headliners) and Sarah Mclachlan (headliner) stood off in the wings, memorized, just like the rest of us, by her beautiful performance. Such a cool-albiet drenching rain-soaked day and night.

Digging a little more I came across a “diary” of sorts written by the doll about four years ago. To this day, her spelling is horrible because for the longest time, she didn’t enunciate her letters-due to a speech impediment. If you cannot pronounce the “R” or “L” very well, how can you spell them? I asked her to read what she had written, the other night and she giggled. “Boy I was a lousy speller back then huh?” “Was?” I said in reply and was slapped in the arm as the result before we both smiled in unison.

I found a newspaper from 1969 we found buried behind some wall cabinets in our kitchen, when we remodeled a few years back. No longer held in a time capsule of sorts, we had discarded the paper to the basement not knowing what to do with it. I have since found a better place to keep it-safe from exposure.IMG_2012

But perhaps the best thing I found were hundreds of CDs filled with long lost music from computers gone by; pictures from when the kids were really small and one picture I wasn’t even aware I owned–of my mom holding the doll when she was less than a week old.

I’ve spent much of the week going through all those old CDs to see if they still contained their data; if the data was worth keeping and if there were any old pictures worth hanging onto. “What was I thinking putting all this crap onto these?” I lamented to my husband after going through about twenty discs one night. “You thought you were saving them…” He said. “Stop being right…” I replied toward him as I downloaded a few songs to keep, before discarding the disc. With the advent of bluetooth technology, along with cloud services, the discs were no longer relevant.

In all honesty I can tell you, the basement is still a mess. I haven’t finished cleaning down there but at least the process has begun. After having excavated these few gems, I’m actually looking forward to hopefully finding more “long lost” stuff to share…



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