the only child syndrome….


The other night, as we drove along a busy street in search for dinner, the doll quipped from the back seat, “So this is what it’s like to be an only child…” The boy was spending the night at his Grandmother’s. “Exactly” Her father replied, while I frowned. “We would not be going out to dinner every night…” I offered. “Oh you never know…” my husband tried. “That would be wonderful…” The doll over emphasized. “Quit it both of you! Our lives would be so much lonelier without him…” I said; essentially asking for this conversation to come to an end-which it did until the doll added, “Speak for yourself”.


The boy has taken it upon himself to be his Grandmother’s helper on the weekends. I would like to think this was a grand gesture on his part, but alas it’s not. Instead, he’s out to get something he doesn’t get at home….unlimited access to a video game system. In addition, my mother in law tends to eat out most nights and he likes getting in on that action too. Now don’t get me wrong, he does help her around the house-carrying stuff into the basement or moving furniture to clean, etc. But in the grand scheme of things, she is a means to and end.

He knows it. She knows it, and we get it. But this is the best win-win-win around. Heck, he even showers while there and the doll gets to enjoy life without her stinky, loud, obtrusive, obnoxious, dumb brother around.  Meanwhile the hubby and I get a nice quiet weekend without hearing the two argue.

I know however, someday relatively soon, I’ll miss those days.

But until then….




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