My ears! My ears!! I foresee the future…


I have reached shaky ground when it comes to talking with my doll. Neither one of us seems to understand what the other one is saying-unless they want to. Thankfully, most times I make a point of paying attention to what she’s saying, even if I don’t understand her. But yesterday, the doll and I engaged in a rather long and confusing text conversation which  began when I sent her a link to the punk rock band, I Prevail and their version of Taylor Swift’s, Blank Space. Their version struck me funny, so I thought she’d enjoy it too.

Her reply was simple: Best.Version.Ever.

In response I wrote, “lmao I knew you’d like this” thinking that would be the end of the text. However, as we all know the problem with text conversations, is understanding the context by which they are written.  Thus, my doll responded  “Why are you laughing?” “Because I found it funny…mom humor, go with it” I replied attempting to end the text. Instead she posed a another question, “Why do moms think everything there kids like are funny. There’s literally no point.”

Oh Brother….

My first instinct was to laugh and then correct her spelling, but thought better of that. Instead I replied, “Now you’re being funny… I was referring to the rendition, not you. But if you want me to…” She replied, “*face palms* That’s not what I’m saying”. “Evidently neither one of us is communicating accurately with one another” I returned hoping she’d get the hint and drop the text. But once again she surprised me asking, “So, why were you laughing at the song?”

Really? Ugh, my little girl who likes to over think everything… “I thought you would like the version..I felt it sounded too much like all the other screaming rock songs…” “Eh, it was close” she replied and then, perhaps for emphasis, listed the names of all the bands she currently likes–three of which I knew. For the next ten minutes, I looked up the others one by one on YouTube and cringed. Apparently I’m raising a boy band metal head screamer fan.

My ears, my ears!! I foresee hearing aids in the future for my doll..

Me: Led Zeppelin Rules!!

Doll: Sleeping with Sirens and Peirce the Veil Rocks!

I now understand how my mom felt when I was turning 13…


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