Quips ala bay…


The boy was in rare form yesterday; making me laugh. Of course this is a daily occurence, but I made him repeat what he said several times, so I could quote him accurately. After reading Wednesday’s blog aloud to his father, I approached the boy who was eating left over spaghetti at our kitchen table. “Do you remember when you used to only eat spaghetti if I put the noodles on one side of the plate and the sauce on the other?” Giving me an odd look he said, “I prefer not to be reminded of my odd behavior when I was younger because it throws me into an existential crisis, when realizing what a strange kid I was”.  “What?” I laughed. “If you think about it mom, I really was something of an A-hole”. “Bay…” I laughed out loud, “You have never been an A-hole” I said. “Okay, A weirdo then” “That’s more accurate” I said before adding, “I used to say when you were teen tiny…I shoulda named you payne…’cause you are a pain !!  But you’re my pain and I wouldn’t have you any other way.” He smiled, grunted and added a nod for good measure.


The boy loves to give hugs–especially bear hugs.  As he approached me from behind to give me a half lean down hug yesterday evening, I turned to him and said, “Hey, today is national hug day!!” and leaned in. Soaking wet, the boy weighs about 220 pounds and stands 6’1″ to my 5’8″ stature. As such, when he realized what I said, he grabbed me up into a bear hug and yelled, “HUG DAY!?! which quickly morphed us into a “pushing  contest” bear hug. Fortunately for me, I was wearing rubber soled slippers which enabled me to grip the floor for balance and push back. From an outsiders perspective, one may have thought we were twirling and dancing “closely” in the kitchen, when in fact we were pushing, twirling and laughing inside this mutual squeezing bear hug; test of resolve. Once I finally pushed him against the sink counter he laughed and cried, “Uncle!!   No fair you have grips on your slippers”, pointing out his stocking feet. “Bay, I said national hug day…not national “push momma to the floor in the grips of a” hug day…” Laughing at my remark he lessened his grip and leaned down giving me a nice hug thereafter.


The boy accompanied me down to my dad’s last night to scrape the last bit of wet snow from the driveway and walk ways. My sister Terri, who was visiting with my dad, came outside to say hello to us. “How’s school going?” She asked the boy. “Eh..schools going…” He said. “Winter blues?” She asked. “Considering he hasn’t attended a full week of school since before Christmas…” I started to say before being interrupted by the boy. “I’m finding it difficult getting back into the school rhythm…” “Because of the days off?” She asked. “That and because I got used to being lazy and lying around doing nothing for two weeks.”

We laughed. “Well at least he admits this…” She said with a smile. “Acknowledging and doing something about it…are two different things…” I replied. “You can go inside now mom” He shouted back toward me which only succeeded in making us laugh more.


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