the artist….


IMG_1997We all have creative abilities which manifest in different ways. I write; how well depends on the new grammarly app I applied to all my writing stations; an app, which I hate by the way; and how you all receive the blog. My husband used to draw, more as a hobby, less anything else. But has since taken up searching endlessly online for houses to think about purchasing, as his creative outlet. The boy, whose imagination knows no bounds, has started and stopped writing more books than even I know… Although, if you ask his sister,  he’s most creative when tormenting her. The doll, however, will tell you she’s an untalented shrew.

I can tell you she is lying.

Recently one of her online groups decided to host a  “draw something a day” contest for their members. The idea was to draw something and then post the picture online.  As you might imagine, her self-confidence prevented her from participating fully in the contest, regardless what praise her father and I heaped upon her. However, we were blessed to see two of her creations–a self-portrait and that of a fox. “Mom I can’t visualize the subject on their own…I need a picture to copy” she explained holding up a photograph of a fox she’d gotten online.  “Doll, most art classes revolve around looking at something and then drawing from your perspective.” I said and she gave me a wistful smile in return.IMG_2004

The other day I asked her to draw me a sketch of the boy, using a picture I sent to her iP0d and she’s yet to begin. “Mom that’s just going to take a huge amount of inspiration to want to draw his ugly mug” she informed. “Just do your best” I replied with a laugh and a slight pat on her shoulder. “If nothing else, the exercise will be good for your technique” I added. “Why do you want this?” she asked. “So I have one of both of you…” I said hoping she’d say yes. “I’ll think about it..” Was all she said and I’m left here wondering, waiting and hoping.






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