mean mommy potty mouth….


The other night the doll called me out on the carpet. Unhappy about an early morning basketball game she said, “Admit it mom, the reason you signed me up to play was so you could hang out in the stands with the other moms.” Smiling back at her I had to admit, “You’re right. How else am I supposed to get my information about you outside my home?” As you might imagine, that response was met with her usual standard stock answer to me as of late: a shrug, eye roll, and a loud “Ugh!!”. But in all honesty, she’s right. One of the best perks of having her play is giving me the opportunity to hang out with other mom’s and get the lay of the land. As one of the oldest parents in the class, I’ll take whatever I can get.

What’s nice is hearing we are all in the same emotional boat with our over emotional seventh-grade girls. “I’ve decided I’m going to stop censoring myself when I’m around my daughter” One mom began. “She gets me so frustrated and before you know it, the curse words are flying out of my mouth”. I smiled and recalled a conversation I had with the doll the other night. “…after catching myself the other day my doll told me ‘Mom, I don’t care if you use swear words or not…I’m old enough they don’t bother me’.  So with true mean mommy potty mouth fashion I replied “Really? You don’t give a F*%$G  S&%T if I F&%Kng say the word F*&k? around you?” Not batting an eye, she replied, “Nope”.

Shaking my head in my own disgust I informed the ladies,  “Yes, yes, I am giving up cursing and swearing for Lent again this year…with hopes of not writing another $100 check to charity”.  But it is nice knowing, I may not be the only parent doing so…







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