the learning curve…


Every day we learn something we didn’t know the day before. I tell the kids this and sometimes they experience the phenomenon while other days they think I’m nuts. While that may be true, my statement above, nevertheless still holds merit. For instance, three weeks ago after coming home with a new car, the boy was unsure if old rules still applied to the new car. Before leaving for school one, morning, I asked the boy to help me out. “Bay, at 7:25 would you start the car?” I yelled down the steps to him.” The temperature outside had dipped to single digits and I thought it prudent to have the car warm up before we left.”I can’t” he replied. “What do you mean you can’t?” I yelled back.”What I mean is I don’t see why–I mean it’s a new car and all.” He tried to explain. “Bay, what does that have to do with the price of cheese?” “Why can’t we just jump in the car and go? Why must I start the car ahead of time?” He asked. “Just because it’s a new car, doesn’t mean we shouldn’t pamper it a bit. Which would you prefer? Drive to school cold; freezing all the way or drive in a warm car?” I asked. “Warm” he begrudgingly admitted. “Well then, go start the car…” I said.

This new car is different from every other car I’ve ever driven in that, there is no actual key. So long as we are carrying the FOB, somewhere on our body, the car will start. Conversely, to park the car, you simply hit the “power” button which turns your car off. To this day, my hubby still reaches for the “key” when he parks the car. Old habits die hard, don’t you know. This morning I yelled down the steps to the boy and once again asked him to start the car for me at 7:25 am. Our drive was nothing special until we were almost to the school. “Wow, you’re getting me there early..” the boy remarked. “No, not really” I replied. “Usually momma, I have like zero time to get anywhere” He explained. “Whatever bay..” I said pulling in front of the school and finding a spot to let him out.

That’s when I learned something new…

A weird light appeared on my dashboard about ten seconds after the boy exited the car. Thinking he didn’t close his car door all the way, I stopped the car, leaned over to open and reclosed his door. The light remained on. Not understanding what that light represented, I continued the car’s forward motion and began to head toward home. That’s about the time it dawned on me what the symbol was.

As an aside, you know, it’s bad enough that I now need to wear glasses in order to read. You would think the automakers could at least make their symbols large enough for me to figure them out quickly. But I digress. After leaning as far forward as I could, I realized at once, the symbol indicated the FOB was no longer present in the car. I immediately called my husband to see if he had the spare FOB at work that I could pick up. At the same time, I began to search my car and purse for the rest of my keys. No such luck. The boy had walked off with them all.

“I didn’t know the FOB could leave the car once it’s started…” I lamented to my husband. “Yep, you just can’t turn it off and restart the car without it” He explained. I mentally wondered if I had enough gas to leave the car running at Mrs. K’s this morning before saying, “I’m heading back to school…I wonder if the boy even realizes he has my keys…” I cried. “Knowing the boy…he won’t notice them until he’s riding home from school…” My husband chuckled. I parked the car in the school’s visitor parking lot and continued talking to my husband “I’m afraid to turn the car off. I mean what if he’s lost my keys?” I said. “Marsh…” he began when another call came in. “Hello?” I said to the unknown number. “I have your keys” came the boy’s voice. “Where are you? Are you in the office?” I asked. “Yes I am in the office” he replied. “I”m in the parkinglot…I’ll be right in,” I said and then hung up relieved.

“Where were they?” I asked when he met me at the door. “They were in my coat pocket the entire time”. He said. “So you never left them once you started the car?” I asked. “Nope…” “Have a good day bay” I said grabbing the keys and walking back to my car.

So what did we learn?

The boy learned to give his mom back the keys once he starts the car in the morning and his mother learned to ask the boy for the keys before he exits the car in the mornings. Mom also learned this new car has a large learning she hopes doesn’t take much longer to understand…but knowing her…may take the lifetime of the car.




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