dawson’s creek….


A couple of months ago, I discovered someone had posted every episode (ad free) of Dawson’s Creek on Youtube. Happily, I began rewatching all the episodes in order. Without ads, I could easily see two episodes at the end of the night and go to bed happy. What I found the most fascinating was how much I had forgotten.

I first began watching the program because Katie Holmes was from my hometown and I was friends with her cousin. I had met her once too which lent to her credibility. But like any sucker for soap opera fun, be it day or prime time TV, I became engaged in the show and faithfully watched every Wednesday night at 8 pm.

As the episodes played out I found myself falling back in love with these characters as they graduated high school and moved to college or found other avenues to grow in and beyond. The eternal love triangle between Joey, Pacey, and Dawson. The over pretentious names most of their characters seemed to possess and the bad girl turned semi-good girl Jen, who just wanted to be loved. Along with the peripheral characters, Jack–the openly gay high school student and his twin sister Andie; the show’s Capeside setting and the great songs inserted as background music; really made Wednesday night at 8 pm must see TV for me.


Wednesday, February 13, 2002, my water broke at 3:00 pm when I sat down to watch Crossing over with Jonathan Edwards. I jumped and ran to the bathroom, hoping to contain the water pouring out my body, to the bathroom floor and then began calling to my husband in the next room for help. A few hours later I found myself sitting in the birthing room at our local hospital awaiting the birth of my second child. “Marsha the doctor wants to put you on Pitocin” the nurse informed. “I’m already having contractions, is that really necessary?”  I asked. “You aren’t dilated very far yet, this will help you along” She explained. But I was not happy. Pitocin sped up contractions and caused more pain in my estimation. Regardless, I was overruled.

“I can’t believe you’re watching that..” My husband said, pointing at the small 5″ TV provided to the birthing room. “What? It’s Dawson’s Creek!” I said and winked at him. “Marsha, don’t you think….” “Babe, I’m the one giving birth here suffering…don’t bug me about what I’m watching…” I said to him in between Lamaze intakes and blows of air. When it became apparent I could no longer concentrate on what was happening on the show, I turned off the distraction and got down to business delivering a child–who was in a real hurry to get out. The problem was, all the nurses were assisting another patient in “active” labor. When I called the nurse back in, she complained, “I told you you’re not in active labor” Looking back at her I said, “I beg to differ. Get a mitt, I’m ready to push”. “Let me check…” She said annoyed at me. After a second or so, I looked at her and asked, “What are you doing?” She smiled at me and calmly said, “I’m holding your child’s head in place while I try to get a doctor up here to deliver your baby”.

About ten minutes and two pushes later, my beautiful doll, with fine red hair came out, so tiny, small and perfect.


Thirteen years later, I finally watched the episode of Dawson’s Creek that she rudely interrupted by being born. Funny thing tho, all I could think about was giving birth to her… which in reality, is and will always be a much better story.

IMG_1598Happy 13 on Friday the 13th Doll!


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