disagreeable grunts…


The boy has a peach fuzz face. Someday, regardless whose family he takes after, he’ll have to shave his face daily. However, as things stand today, he loathes the idea. “Bay…” I say as I rub my hands along his cheeks and lament, “You need to shave…” And each time I’m met with, “No, no I don’t.” His school does not have a hair policy so he can be as long haired and fuzzy as he wants. However, that does not stop me from asking for my handsome son to return via the razor.

The other day I asked him again to shave  saying, “Dude you have one hair on your face that’s longer than my the hair on my head…” and was met with this response, “Mom, I’ve found that when I shave, my face burns like hell. Therefore, I’m never shaving again.” I looked at him and wondered if he were simply testing my response. “Never?” I asked. “Nope…I’m gonna carry a beard like the guys on Duck Dynasty”. “Oh please…it’s called after shave lotion…” I replied trying not to be grossed out by the implication. “Never shaving…” He smiled again and left the room while I looked for leverage.

Yesterday as the boy and I passed one another I once again pled for him to give me back my handsome son. “Yeah, Dad and I were talking about that today in the car today and decided it was time. I’m gonna go shave in a minute…” He said, much to my surprise. “Today?” I asked incredulously. “Yes, in just a few minutes…” He replied. I ran my hands down his peach fuzz and said, “Thank you for becoming handsome again…” That brought about a disagreeable grunt from him.

After he was clean shaven I reached up and felt his cheeks and said, “I love your clean shaven face…” “Well, you’ll be happy to know, my face burns like hell…” He replied. “Small price to pay bay…small price…” I replied. “Easy for you to say, it’s not your face…” He exclaimed. “No, but it’s my easy on my eyes to look at your handsome face…” Which was met with another disagreeable grunt from him; one very easy to ignore.




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