minus 17….


Perspective: a particular attitude toward or way of regarding something; a point of view.


Judging from the numerous posts on my facebook timeline this morning, I guess it’s safe to say, many people were excited to see that the temperature had dropped down to -17F; shattering the previous record set 1885. This made me wonder…were people (Blizzard Bill Spencer) out there yelling “Come on!! Come on baby, one more degree!! You can do this!! One more degree!! Let’s do this!!!”


When my nephew Jarrod was younger, we found out he was allergic to certain types of chlorine–which made him sneeze. I remember one day when the levels were higher than normal he could not stop sneezing. To keep him from stressing out, we turned his sneezes into a game: “How may sneezes…” and together we began to count 1-2-3… As we continued to count using excited tones to our voices, Jarrod began to count as well, even going so far as to hope for more “Come on, one more… Come on just one more…” He enthused. When all was said and done, if memory serves correctly, he sneezed 22 times in a row. But instead of being miserable, he was excited for having set the all-time record for consecutive sneezes at the pool. Shortly after blowing his nose and wiping his face off, back into the drink he went; hoping to challenge his record.


As previously stated before, I gave up cussing and swearing for Lent again–as did the boy.This year, however, if he curses or swears he needs to do five sit-ups for every swear word while also saying five Hail Mary’s as penance. For every curse word I utter, up to a dollar per word will be dropped into a jar for a future donation to HMI (Hetrick-Martin Institute). Last night as I explained the outline to my husband, the kids entered the room and began to taunt me. “Hey, I’m trying to do good…” I said and then began pointing at the both of them “So no pushing me or arguing back to make me upset. That’s when they usually fly out before I can stop them” I said. The boy walked over and began poking me in the arm saying, “I’m just going to stand here and continuously poke you…poke, poke poke.” His sister locked eyes with me and shot me a devilish grin. “Who us? Please you start all the fights…” She said, sarcasm dripping from her lips. Looking back at the hubby he replied, “What? Don’t look at me, they’re the one’s to look out for. I’d never do anything to upset you…”

Good God this is going to be a long hard 40 days of no swearing..



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