My goal every day is to bring a smile to someone’s face. My kids might argue, however, that I’m horrible at doing so with them (The answer is “No”. “But why? Why are you trying to ruin my life?” “Because that’s what mom’s do”).

Whereas some of the ladies I hang out with during the week might say I excel at my goal. Take for instance Mary Alice, whose seated next to me while I proofread this aloud. Probably to be nice, she’s giggling at me. “How’s your breakfast?” I ask. “Very good” she replied. “Good, I’m always happy to know I haven’t poisoned you..” I return and she laughs at my reply. Score!! Though stand up comedy is probably nowhere in my future, I at least have found some to appreciate my humor. In reality, however, my life would be a mess if I didn’t have a reason to smile everyday be it the doll rolling her eyes at me or the boy scowling when I tell him to do his homework. Even on days when everything seems to be going wrong, if at some point I’m able to crack a smile, then I’ve lived another successful day.

Saturday night, my husband and I attended a surprise 50th birthday party for a neighbor of ours. “I don’t own any nice clothes…” I mentioned to my husband as I threw clothes on the bed trying to find something nice to wear. “Marsha, they know you, where a nice sweatshirt…” He tried until I gave him the evil eye in return. “Just let me know when we’re supposed to leave.” He said and exited the room. I found a nice dress shirt and pair of jeans. All that was left was to accessorize which for me is hard. This is not my forte. Fortunately for me, the  doll had one of her best buds over  to help. “Should I wear this scarf?” I asked. Studying me, Stef replied, “I don’t know…there’s too much texture…where are you going?” “Across the street to friends…” I replied. “Oh, in that case, you’re fine. Just not in real life public”. She added and both she and the doll began to laugh. “Gee, what aren’t you telling me?” I asked as they both burst out laughing.

Score another successful day for me–even at my own expense.






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