On February 24, 2010, the doll went to the dentist to have a cavity filled. Once the novocaine had worn off and she was back in school, she went to the nurses office in search of some relief but ran into me instead. “Why are you here?” I asked even though I had a feeling, considering she was holding her hand against her cheek. “My tooth hurts.” She informed. “Sorry baby, but there is nothing they can do for you here,” I said, knowing full well I had not authorized a medicine dispensing for her. “But they told me to come to the nurses office” She replied. “Well, you did, but they can’t do anything for you..”I replied. Again she gave me a frustrated face and replied, “But they told me to come…” Each time the doll replied, quiet laughs could be heard coming from the office staff on duty, which the doll did not appreciate. Finally after watching our verbal tennis match, the parent “acting nurse” invited the doll into the office and after a little talk, sent her back to class with a small ice pack for her sore mouth.

Thus began the mean mommy’s memoirs. I remember joking with the office staff that when I arrived home I was going to start writing a blog called the Mean Mommy’s Memoirs about the just happened incident and surprisingly, I did.

Five years later to the day, as I sit here writing, the novocaine from this morning’s cavity is beginning to wear off for me and I too kind of wish I had something to take away the discomfort. Perhaps that will come later, following my work day.


Staying with a toothy theme, yesterday after the boy’s orthodontist appointment he began to complain of pain derived from an elongated piece of braces poking the back of his throat. Giving me a “hurt” look he stuck his index finger into his mouth and complained,  “Mom, I’m serious!!” He whined. “Bay, let’s see if you can manage for the night and if not, then we can call the orthodontist in the morning to see if they can squeeze you in…” “I can’t wait that long!! Can’t we just get some wire cutters?” Smiling back at him I replied, “Oh yes, that would make a fine sight and land one of us in jail…” “How about I give you some ibuprofen?” His father offered. “DAD THAT WON’T STOP THE POKING OF THE WIRE!!” the boy yelled then returned his index finger to his mouth. “Well, I tried,” He father said, walking away.

A few hours later, as we sat at the kitchen table eating dinner, the boy poked at his food but did not eat. “Bay, c’mon, you can eat this…” I said trying to encourage him. “I CAN’T EAT ANYTHING. I CAN’T CHEW!” He whined at us. “You don’t have to chew mashed potatoes” The doll informed, which elicited a mean look from her brother. “There must be something…” I said, thinking aloud. “THERE ISN’T ANYTHING EXCEPT FOR THEM TO CLIP THIS!!’ the boy continued his whining diatribe. “Since that will not happen tonight, you need something else…like…wax!” I said happy I remembered that easy tool. “My friend Emily uses wax all the time” the doll added.

“THAT WON’T HELP!! WHY AREN’T YOU LISTENING TO ME? I CAN’T TO ANYTHING UNTIL THIS WIRE IS CUT. I CAN’T EAT, I CAN’T SLEEP, I CAN’T DO MY HOMEWORK BECAUSE THIS FRIGGIN WIRE IS DRIVING ME NUTS!!” The boy complained bitterly. “Wax helps Emily, perhaps if you give it a try it can help you…” the doll offered and received a growl and faux punch from her brother in return. “HEY!” I raised my voice at the boy, “…the doll is trying to help you. As a matter of fact, we all are not that you deserve some, by the way, your acting. But right now, you have limited choices. The doctor’s office is closed so we have to deal with that wire tonight. You know your dad and I both had braces and wax worked for us. Believe it or not, experience does count for something here.. I wonder if we can buy some over the counter somewhere…” I finished, thinking aloud. “I have some” the boy weakly replied. “Then do yourself and US a favor and apply some wax to the spot and see what happens”.

He was quiet the rest of the night. Yes, wax and braces are a good team. As a bonus, before bed, the boy handed me the paperwork he received from the orthodontist, which included a statement revealing his braces have been paid completely.

Now onto saving for the doll’s…


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One GIANT Thank you!!


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