pipe dream…


There is a destiny that makes us brothers, None goes his way alone, What we give to the hearts of others, Comes back into our own.” The Guiding Light


Amidst all the garbage that social and news media outlets try to inundate us with, sometimes we can find a few diamonds in the “human landscape” rough, trying to show we aren’t all barbarians.We just have to be willing to wade through all the crap first. The other day I read an article on how over 1000 Muslims surrounded a Jewish synagogue in Norway, trying to protect and protest anti-Semitism and anti-Islamism which has erupted due to recent terrorist attacks.

A nice feel good story, I thought until I read the very next article, related to this story, in my queue. There were 1300 people in attendance at the event, but only about 20 Muslims took part in the attempt to encircle the building. Another related article popped up and noted that the “organizer” of the event has been known in the past to make anti-Semitic¬†statements, and on and on and on.

So much for that good story and deed…

I began to wonder why the news media was so quick to poke holes and throw this story into disarray with doubts? Why did it matter the number of Muslims who participated? Why couldn’t this be a story about human solidarity, regardless of religion? Why couldn’t the news media celebrate a group of people trying to make a difference?

Perhaps I’m oversimplifying or asking the wrong questions. What would make me happier, a story truthfully written or one filled with faults and lies?

Does it matter?

In my estimation, whether the event organizer made anti-Semitic statements in his past, was of no consequence. His actions that day were speaking louder. Also, the number of Muslims who arrived to try and make a difference shouldn’t matter either. But rather their intention to show the world that kindness, regardless of religion, should be the norm, rather than the exception.

We should be riveted to stories about man’s humanity toward their fellow man, rather than the inhumanity.

Tell me, wouldn’t that make a nicer morning read?







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