A few years back, I helped some friends on Twitter put together a fan site of video clips on Youtube, for a particular Days of our Lives’ character pairing; commonly known and referred to as their portmanteau/shipped name “Carbo”. The site, which became known as “The Carbo Vortex”, told the story of the characters pairing, dating all the way back to 1990. For my part, I would scour Youtube, looking for and finding video clips that helped tell their story, while someone else trimmed the content to fit, and another person put them all in order for others viewing pleasures. I had free time in the evenings, once my babies were in bed and quite frankly, enjoyed finding all the clips. What I didn’t realize at the time was that I had become a fangirl for the couple. Even today when I say the word “fangirl” in reference to myself, I laugh. How did this happen?

Now the doll, she fangirls plenty of things from TV shows to rock bands and beyond. None so clear as yesterday when she came bounding into my kitchen excited beyond belief at what she had just found out. “Mom, Oh my god, Oh my god, Oh my god!!” At first I thought maybe something was wrong before I realized she was bouncing with joy. “Dude!! Oh. My. God!!” “Doll are you trying to tell me something?” I asked and she gushed. “So, like Sleeping with Sirens and Peirce the Vale are in concert together in Seattle tonight and I was checking out Kellin Quinn’s fansite page…” She excitedly explained, before I interrupted, “Did you ask a question and he replied to you?” I know from personal experience, how much fun that can be for a fangirl. “No, but he directed every one to his Instagram account where he just announced that their show will be live streaming on Yahoo tonight at 9:30 pm” She squealed and bounced in delight. “9:30 eastern time or pacific?” I asked knowing full well, she would not be awake for a pacific show time. “Eastern time!!” She said before continuing on with her story, “O my god, O my god, O my god!! so I ran to yahoo and downloaded the app and now I can watch the show on my iPod in exactly 1 hr, 34 minutes and 10, 9, 8, 7….seconds!!” she jumped up and down clapping her hands in giddy excitement. “Too bad 9:30 is your bedtime..” I said with a wicked grin, which produced a slap to my shoulder and a “Uh, no!” reply before she began bouncing up and down again.

omygodomygodomygod the show is about to start!

omygodomygodomygod the show is about to start!

“What’s all the commotion in there?” Her father asked from the other room. “Nothing, just fangirling in here dad.” She said, finally sitting down and smiling. “I’m surprised you haven’t called your friends to tell them…” I said to and then watched another smile cross her face. “O my god!!” She replied grabbing her iPod to text all her friends the news.” A little while later, she came back into the kitchen and sat down. “Okay, I’m more contained now…” she said. “You know mom, I’m not one of those crazy screaming girls, I was just excited to learn I could see their show tonight”. “Uh huh…” I replied. “If I was I wouldn’t be able to sit here; I’d be bouncing off the walls and screaming. But I’m containing myself here” she said, as I watched her legs bounce up and down as if waiting for the clock to speed up. “You could have fooled me.” I thought, but kept that to myself.

this is soooooo cooooool!!

this is soooooo cooooool!!

When the time arrived, she asked, “Is there any way I could stream this live to the television?” “Sorry doll, I plan on watching Downton Abbey tonight.” “Oh no matter,” she said, raising her iPod, securing her ear plugs and then disappeared into the “music”. I snapped a few shots of her, lucky enough to catch the glimpse of a smile crept across her face, as she watched the unexpected pleasure play out before her.

Less than an hour later, the show came to an end. “I was mad at first that the show was so short…” She began. “…but they are playing with a bunch of other bands and I’m happy they streamed what they could.” Well, I’m happy I didn’t have to buy you tickets for the show…” I quipped and she quickly replied, “Oh mom, you say that like you’re sure that won’t happen in the future.” “That’s where saving your birthday money comes in handy…” I added before sending her off to bed, no doubt to dream about her Sleeping with Sirens concert futures.


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