Every day I try to impress upon my children that we don’t live, contrary to the popular opinion of some; in a pugilistic society. Not everyone is out looking for a fight. The doll sited her agreement on this subject Sunday night when she informed “Mom, Sleeping with Sirens stopped playing their music the other night, in the middle of the show; to tell the audience to be safe…and not drive drunk or high.” “Did that impress you?” I asked. “Sort of. I mean they genuinely seemed concerned for their fans.” She said. “That’s cool doll” I concurred. “Makes you like them a little bit more huh?” She asked and I smiled at her naivety.


The other day, while assisting Mrs. K at the grocery store, I noticed a woman looking up at a cereal box from her seated cart. “Can I reach something for you?” I asked and she accepted my help. As we exited the aisle, Mrs. K leaned over and said, “Well that was very nice of you”. “What?” I replied, not sure what she was referring to. “Helping that other woman”. “Oh,” I nodded my head before adding, “Well, we’re all in this (life) together and since I’m kinda tall, why shouldn’t I help her?” “I’m afraid there aren’t many who think like that anymore” she replied cynically. “See I think the media tends to bully us into thinking that way, so they can glamorize it when it happens. Random acts of kindness are everyday things. People just need to be aware of them and be willing to return the favor in kind,  when they can.


I read a facebook posting the other day from an acquaintance in North Carolina, who left her jacket in her office when she left to get lunch. Realizing it was cooler than anticipated, she began to shiver and sped up her steps. Raising her arms to cross her chest, hoping to stave off the cooler air, she saw a homeless man approaching her. Instead of asking for a handout, he and offered her his coat to keep warm. “Amazing” she posted, genuinely surprised by his kindness. 


A friend told me that whenever she finds extra quarters at the bottom of her purse, she shares them on the grocery carts located at Aldi grocery stores.  “Each grocery cart costs a quarter to use, but you can get your money back when you return the cart to the corral. I’ve decided that I can help the next person, not fumble through their purse/wallet looking for a quarter.” “What about those people who see the quarters and foil your good deed, by taking them?” I asked. “Well then they must need the money. Regardless, I feel good and hopefully, the recipient will feel the same And maybe pass on the goodwill to someone else”. She explained.


How do you  show others kindness?

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