I don’t know…


Through tears last night, I wrote a blog about my disdain for death after learning an old classmate of mine passed away.

Armed with the grace of perspective today, I’ve decided to take a different route. One of the things that impressed me about Tom was his ability to act as the central hub for all of his former classmates. We reconnected via Facebook and each other through him. He had a penchant for posting pictures from high school adventures and gleefully we all walked down memory lane together.

I had the good fortune of knowing Tom most of my life. He lived around the corner from me and we went through 12 years of school together. Even today, when I pass by his old house, I don’t think of the folk who live there now (who are friends), I think of Tom and his family.  The last time we saw one another in person was at our 25th high school reunion. There he relayed “I took a ride back to the old neighborhood today and walked past your parents house. I was awash in memories with every single step”. When I informed him he probably walked past my current house, he replied that next time he’d drop by for a visit. I wish I still had that to look forward to.

I don’t know how to end this blog other than to say I’m thankful his pain has been relieved, but sad as hell that he’s gone. Rest in heaven and happy deep sea fishing my friend.


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