reverting to form…


When the doll was a baby, she had her days and nights mixed up. Lately, I’ve wondered if she’s reverted to form.


“I wish they had found something wrong with you…” I said to the doll. We were preparing to leave the exam room at her doctor’s office. After three days of her being “sick” a diagnosis of something would have at least answered our questions. “Geez mom thanks” she replied. “Doll, I had to take the afternoon off…that’s lost wages for me. Plus now we have to pay for this doctor’s visit all for her to tell us you have some virus that knocked you out and then overemphasized that you’re a teenager who needs to get more rest. Gee I could have made that diagnosis myself”.

“SIGH” She replied.

However, there were a few good takeaway’s from the doctor visit, that the doll heard her say:

-You need to turn off all electrical devices two hours before bedtime.

-You should not take 3-hr naps during the day.

-You should go to bed at a decent hour.

-You should listen to your mother, she’s really not as dumb as you think she is.

Well alright, I added that last one. But hey, that would be nice too, considering everything else the doctor said was a repeat of what I have said to her almost daily. The only new information the doctor gave to me was the amount of melatonin I can safely give my daughter to help her sleep. Up to that point in time, she was not taking enough.

By the time the weekend had arrived I thought she would revert back to form and become magically well, but following three days of barely eating, she remained tired and weak. “Doll, you need to eat something with protein so you can get some energy. Then you need to go out for a walk; you have to get up and move. Lying around all day will not help you get well.” I informed. She “Sighed” heavily trying her best to convey she was still sick.

“Doll, do you have a temperature?” I asked during the early days of concern. “Feel my forehead…” she replied and in doing so found her to be as cool as a cucumber. “Mom maybe your hands are warm…” She tried again. Two minutes and a measured thermometer test later confirmed my original diagnostic. “Yep, no fever. Does your stomach still hurt?” “Um a little…” she replied, so quietly I don’t even think hearing aids would have helped. “Doll…could you please speak up, just a little?” I asked trying to not sound perturbed. “SIGH It hurts off and on…” She replied. “Do you suppose, there is an outside chance that your stomach hurts because you’ve stopped eating?” I wondered and was met with shrugged shoulders instead of verbal response. “I think you really should eat something…” I tried. “SIGH I’m afraid I’ll get sick…” She replied. “Well this is the chance I’m willing for you to take…” I said.

Naturally she gave me a dirty look, before settling on eating two bowls of soup.

At least that was a start.


Postscript: The doll has yet to miss a day of school this week, but her sleep patterns are still whacked. We’ve changed her diet to include more protein and vitamins and are optimistic that she will get back on track. Otherwise, these teen years are going to be killers, for all of us.


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