weekday wrap up…


Yesterday when I arrived home, from a very tough day at work, I walked into a familiar site; a messy cluttered house. But that was only the surface layer. Beneath all the clutter and noise, I found two teenagers reading actual books. The only buzz I heard came from the light bulbs, burning in the lamps. No television, no electronic devices, nothing.  My first thought was I had walked into the Twilight Zone, but then the messiness of the environment brought me back to earth. Next I checked each child’s head for fever-nope, cool as a cucumber. Both kids looked up at me and shot odd looks in my direction before the doll asked, “What?” “I’m just not used to seeing you two in the same room doing something other than yelling at each other…” I replied. “Mom, a good book works wonders!” The boy said before returning his attention back to his book; the doll did the same.

I wanted to applaud but didn’t. Lord knows if I had, they may have stopped reading just to spite me.


This morning on the ride to school, I asked the boy about the book, “Dies the Fire”, which he finished reading last night. “Can you take me to the library after school today?” He wondered. “Your dad is picking you up, so ask him. So how was the book?” I replied “So good that I need to read the next one” He answered. “So, all of technology ( a mother’s dream come true?) is gone and the people of Earth are forming bands of  joy?” I asked which made him laugh. “Hardly joy mom. More like roving packs of wild dogs. This book ended with a history teacher deciding it was time to go back to feudalism…you know knights, dukes, and lords… And those who disagreed with him, he slaughtered.”Lovely reading material there bay” I replied and he smiled. “How did you ever find this book?” I asked wondering if he was following a teacher recommendation or possibly a  friend. “I found it while researching Tolkien quotes and references found in Led Zeppelin songs. Needless to say I found a very enthusiastic Tolkien fan who recommended the book”. He explained.

“See I’ve been telling you for years Led Zeppelin was great… now you’re finding out just how great!!” I said with a laugh. “Eh well, Tolkien and Led Zeppelin both, technically” He defined. “Best of both worlds!” I began to say but was interrupted by the car stereo. We both paused for a moment when the car speakers began playing Led Zeppelin’s song Kashmir. We both looked at the radio, then each other and began to laugh. “Most definitely the best of both worlds!!” I said as we continued to laugh.




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