For example…


Like most households, our kids are quick with quips and retorts relying primarily on sarcasm to drive their points home. My problem, however, is remembering them all for future blog use.  “I’m going to write a blog simply on the quips they give us,” I told my husband the other night, but then failed to write any of them down. So my exercise for today is to remember some of them… 

You should know better 

 The doll was invited to a birthday party at a movie theater last Sunday and prior to being dropped off, she and I took a quick drive out to a grocery store to pick up a card and gift card to Hot Topic (the greatest store ever since I don’t know when, for 13-year-old girls). On the way to the store, I started our conversation  “I told your dad I was planning on sleeping in this morning and guess what time he woke me up?” I asked. “Why does this surprise you mom? He’s simply being dad. You know that annoying person who doesn’t want you to miss anything?” I couldn’t help but laugh at her assessment of her father. “Perhaps I should have expected this. Is that what you’re saying?” I asked in reply. “Mom, you married the guy, if you don’t understand his oddities by now, then something is wrong with you.” She explained. “Geeze, here I was only seeking some commiseration from you…” I said with mock indignation. “You know better than to expect this from me…” She laughed. *

Fortune teller…

The other day, while my brother Dan and I were visiting with dad, through the course of our conversation, Dan patted dad on the back saying “Well your mother lived to be 102. That gives you at least nine more years ahead of you.” Dad immediately responded “No, no, no I don’t want to live that long.” Dan and I looked at one another and smiled at his response; which we’ve heard before. Then he continued “I don’t want to out live any of my children. That would be dreadful.” Dan and I looked at him then back to each other before I asked “Wait! What does that mean? Do you have any inside information about us…er me in the next nine years?” He shook his head back and forth in reply before adding “But why risk it?” And then chuckled. Meanwhile Dan and I looked back and forth between on another, chuckling along uncomfortably. 


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